Scorpion Recap: Father’s Day

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Scorpion Recap: Father’s Day
Scorpion TV Series Logo. July 12, 2014.

Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 7 “Father’s Day” aired last Monday, Nov. 3, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team was called on to investigate how two Russian criminals and a borderline genius hacker escaped from a high-tech prison. While investigating the case, they discovered that the hacker they were trying to save may be more than what meets the eye. Meanwhile, Ralph Dineen’s (Riley B. Smith) father came back to pay Ralph a visit, which made the team overprotective of Ralph. It made Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel) and Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) reevaluate their own relationships with their fathers or father figures. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) entered the Scorpion headquarters. She found world-class behaviorist Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) together. They were betting on whether or not human calculator Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) would be able to memorize the 1,000 color pattern sequence that she had programmed into a musical toy. Upstairs, Walter O’ Brien  (Elyes Gabel) experimented on a mouse. He wanted to be able to see if he could figure out a way to “transfer a person’s thoughts and consciousness." Paige correctly guessed that he was doing this side project for his sister and for others “whose body betrays them.” However, their conversation was cut short as Paige received a voice message from Drew Baker (Brendan Hines), whom the team guessed was her son Ralph’s (Riley B. Smith) father. It turned out that Drew had been a minor league baseball player, and as he continued to pitch in different places, he had been out of the picture for around seven years. However, she did not want to talk about it with them.

Thankfully, their government handler, Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), came in with a new case. They all headed to Hamilton Prison, a high-tech prison as three of their prisoners had escaped. They wanted the Scorpion team to figure out how they broke out of a state of the art system. As they entered the prison yard, Walter had a flashback to 1993. It was when he was arrested as a little boy for hacking into NASA. He remembered that he had been brought to a prison back then.

At the prison, they learned that the two of the three escapees were part of the Russian mob. The other prisoner was Percy Tate, a borderline genius and a “hacktivist.” They then discovered that all of the prison gates and bars were wired to a central system, with the exception of an old gate that used to be a loading dock. Percy had used the wiring to insert a wireless transmitter in it. Once the gate opened, they would be able to capture the signal used to open the gate, which would be then transferred to a cell phone. They used an EMP device in order to disable the cameras for three seconds, which would allow them to escape unseen. As the prison had a baseball game together three days beforehand, they deduced that whoever was playing the right field was the one who received the cell phone via a drone that looked like bird. Sylvester informed them that no one really pays attention to the right fielder. He knew this as his father put him there during games as he was not a good player. Based on the satellite imaging Walter got from hacking into China’s satellites, they realized that Percy had been kidnapped. He only had ten months left in prison. Walter and the rest of the team felt bad. Most geniuses or mentally enabled are easily taken advantage of as they usually grow up misunderstood. Ulterior motives fall outside their periphery vision, so they assumed that others also state facts like they do. The team also explained that because of this, most geniuses grow up to be distant like Walter, or angry like Happy, or scared of everything like Sylvester, or they turn out to be a “condescending jerk” like Toby. However, Toby was not there as Walter had asked him to do something for him. Their discussion was cut short, as Cabe had been informed that the two Russians and Percy had stolen a car.

At the crime scene, they learned that they had to steal a new car as Percy’s car, their getaway vehicle, had a flat tire. A screw had been found in one of the tires. They knew that once they got to a safe location, they would be able to force Percy to do their bidding. Based on the camera footage that they found, they discovered that Percy had been fiddling with something behind his back, at a stand. There, they discovered that he had ripped the number five from the display and placed it beside an X. They then deduced that he meant to tell them about the Interstate 15 (I 15) signs.

Walter then had another flashback to when he was returned to his parents after holding him for three days. Cabe had told them that Walter was an amazing boy. He gave him a computer as a present, which the instructions that he would use the computer to keep in touch with him.

Back at the Scorpion headquarters, they created several signs which had embedded in it the address for an online bulletin board where Percy could communicate to them.

While they were waiting for Percy to contact them, Toby came back and relayed his findings to them about Drew. He had waited outside his apartment and tested to see how he would react to a stranger who was asking for help. He then told them that he had “moderate empathy." He went into a combative stance when touched, was judgmental, and his background check had revealed that he had a battery charge against him before he knew Paige. As he seemed like an impulsive person, Toby concluded that he would probably visit their headquarters, which he did. Drew then told Paige that he was going to be in town for a few days and wanted to be able to meet Ralph. However, they were interrupted as Percy had reached out to them and gave them the address where he was being held.

They then decided to send the bird drone to the windows of the house where Percy was being held so that they could verify if he was there before telling Cabe. However, while they were there, Toby and Sylvester fought over the controls of the drone, causing it to crash into the room where Percy was. Because of this, the Russians spooked, threw Percy into the trunk and drove off.  Cabe was upset to learn that this had happened since their suspects were now “in the wind” and because they could have gotten hurt. However, Sylvester discovered that the drone was able to capture an image of what Percy had been working on — a software that seemed to be for transferring money overseas. They then decided to trace Percy by hacking into his computer by tracing it through his IM handle so that they would be able to see what he was doing through his webcam. They also got Cabe to trace down the accounts mentioned in the software.

Walter then had another flashback to 1998, during one of the times that Cabe had checked up on him when he used to live in Ireland. He had been sending him encryptions to work on and taught him how to defend himself from bullies.

Back at the office, Happy watched from a distance. Ralph told Paige that he remembered that his father was tall and that when he had left, he said that he was going to see a movie. He believed that his father had been gone as he wanted to watch more movies. Toby then went to see if Happy was okay and gave her a file on her own father. However, Happy told Toby that she did not need her father and shredded the folder. After the sitter took Ralph home, Walter agreed with Paige that it would be better not to tell Ralph that his father was in town, as he might not be the same “St. Louis baseball player” he once knew. Shocked that he knew that Drew was from St. Louis, she realized that the entire team had checked up on Drew, even if she told them not to. She told them that even if they did love Ralph, they had no right to decide things for Ralph. However, their conversation was cut short as they were able to hack into Percy’s webcam. As the microphone was dead because the drone had hit the laptop, they could only see the vibrations the yelling Russians made. This made them realize that they could probably figure out what they were saying by getting Cabe to recite the phonetic alphabet in front of a bag of chips. With the connection to Sylvester’s software, they would be able to match the sound waves emitted from Cabe to the sound waves being produced on the bag of chips that was being disturbed by the sound waves of the yelling Russian on the other side.

While they did this, Paige pulled Walter aside. He explained to them that the battery charge they had discovered on Drew’s record happened during a baseball game. Walter apologized for being overprotective, and Paige told him that she was going to refuse Drew’s request.

They then were able to detect the letters S-O-C-K-C-H-N-G from the live feed. This made Sylvester think that Percy was tweaking his code to be able to exploit the Stock Exchange. He was tweaking the code that he had used during the elections to “exploit the split second from when a stock price is set to when it is publicly displayed.” The virus code was quickly uploaded into the Stock Exchange. The system was going to get a major upgrade in a month’s time so that they could reap large profits from it. They were able to get Percy’s attention by flashing his webcam light, and he communicated to them in Morse Code that he was being held at Building S at the Vandercamp Farm.

However, before they could move, Cabe received word that the foreign account they had traced was in Percy’s name. They realized that they had been set up by Percy. He had needed the Russians to get out. He was counting on someone to bust them so that he could escape and make a profit out of the virus he was uploading to the Stock Exchange. However, they realized that things had not gone as planned. The Russians had beaten the truth out of him. Walter became upset, as he felt betrayed that someone mentally enabled like them could betray his own kind. This made him want to arrest Percy himself.

Walter then had another flashback to when he had discovered that Cabe and the United States government had used his tracking software not for aid packages, but for bombs.

Before the team moved in, Cabe told them to stay put so that they would not get hurt. Toby, upon looking at the live feed again, realized that Percy was in Building H and not in Building S. Walter then used the remote of the drone to short circuit the second floor of the building where Percy was being held. This would cause a fire, as it would react to the accelerant that Sylvester threw in. Once the Russians and Percy were out of the building, Happy used a CD and the CD player on Toby’s laptop to simulate that they had guns. The red dot of the laser would be able to mimic the laser on a gun. However, the Russians got back their bravado after Toby’s laptop had died and were forced to come out. Walter gave himself up so that Sylvester and Paige could leave. Sylvester had accidentally hit something and had given away their position. Just as they were going to be placed in the burning building, Cabe arrived and Percy and the Russians were arrested.  Cabe realized that Walter had taken the case personally, as he had felt betrayed, just like when Cabe betrayed him. Walter had been overprotective of Ralph so that he would not get hurt the way that he had.

Back at headquarters, Happy revealed to Paige that she knew what was best for Ralph, as her father had also left her. She told her that Ralph might always be waiting for someone “to come home, just so that they knew that they mattered” and that she had a chance to end that agony of waiting for Ralph. Paige then decided to let Drew and Ralph meet, while Walter watched from a distance. Cabe then appeared and told him that just as Walter watched over Ralph, he would watch over Walter.

Meanwhile, Happy gathered the courage to visit her father and helped him with some automobile repair work without telling him who she truly was.

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