Scorpion Recap: Forget Me Nots

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Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 15 “Forget Me Nots” aired last Monday, Jan. 19, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, they needed  to figure out a way to find and stop a hacker from launching several missiles off the coast of Iceland. They had to play babysitter as they jogged the memory of a an ailing former Secret Service Agent during the Clinton administration. Meanwhile, Paige Dineen (Katherine McPhee) began to weigh her options regarding whether she and her son would move to Portland if Drew (Brendan Hines) moved there. Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) realized that they were both more important to him than he had ever imagined. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in Iceland, at the “Nuclear Missile Silo 61AX” where their personnel started to panic and tried their best to control the situation. Someone had hacked into their system and started to prepare several missiles to launch.

Back at the Scorpion office, in Los Angeles, human calculator Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) and psychologist Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) played human bowling. Drew (Brendan Hines) came in to pick up his son, Ralph Dineen (Riley B. Smith) for school. He handed Ralph’s mother, Paige Dineen (Katherine McPhee) a brochure for a school for gifted children in Portland, so that when the time came that she had to make a decision, she would be properly informed. He then picked up Ralph, who was testing out his engine project for the Science Fair with Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel). After they left, Walter noticed the brochure. He told Paige that even if moving to Portland might allow Ralph to be with his father, Drew might not really be able to be one for Ralph as Ralph might even have to take care of Drew “by the time he was eighteen.” This sort of hurt Paige, as Walter’s comments came out harshly and bluntly. However, they were interrupted by Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick). He rushed them all off to the Homeland Security headquarters. There was a situation that Director Merrick (David Fabrizio) needed them to work on.

There, they were shown some codes with parts that were redacte. They were told that as they were being hacked that they had to find out who was doing it. However, they figured out a way to un-redact the file. It allowed them to discover that it was for a military nuclear silo in Iceland.

Because they would eventually figure it out, they were told that sixteen years ago, President Clinton had an “off the record” meeting with the Kosovan President. While they were leaving the meeting together, there was a shooting and an attempted assassination attempt on both presidents. It had failed, and a Secret Service Agent named Bruce Johnson (David James Elliott) was shot, which affected him mentally and physically. Bruce had been carrying “the football,” a briefcase that was cuffed to him. It contained the locations of all the nuclear missile bases, the codes, and a remote detonator to launch the missiles. After Bruce’s operation, it had gone missing. They were able to change the codes, but could not change the locations. They had no luck at all in finding out who had done it and who had stolen the “football.” Because of this, they realized that in order to stop the missiles from launching, they needed to find the briefcase. Upon looking at the files of Bruce, Toby realized that Bruce might be able to remember who had taken it. The memory was still there, it just needed to be triggered out of him.

They then visited him in the hospital and brought him back to the Scorpion office. Toby tried his best to jog his memory. As nothing seemed to be working, they decided to resort to an experimental procedure. They would stimulate his brain with a “high-level electric current.” They did it so that his brain would work faster and better and his memory would get a “little jolt.” To be safe, Cabe volunteered to be the first test subject. After administering it to Cabe, they discovered that it did work as Cabe’s reflexes became much faster. After administering it to Bruce, he remembered that the briefcase had been stolen by someone with a blue finger. The only other thing they could get out of him has “Maplethorpe.” Because of this, Walter, Cabe, Sylvester and Toby went to Homeland. They took a look at medical records for anything related to someone having had any injuries in the hand or fingers. Mechanical genius Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) and Paige took care of Bruce. However, they had to hurry up as they had less than two hours to do everything.

At Homeland, Cabe came across something strange. He had discovered that a certain Secret Service Agent, Agent Khara (Navid Negahnban), had been treated that day for a “pre-existing heart condition.” It could not be as one could not be an agent if one had a heart condition. They then staked out Khara’s favorite café, while Toby submerged his hand in a bucket of ice. When he finally came out, Toby held his hand to lower the temperature of his hand. That, plus the fact that Khara was stressed, brought out the blue finger that Bruce had described, as Khara had Reno’s Phenomenon. He tried to run away from them, but Cabe, who felt like he was young again, managed to apprehend him by himself. It turned out that he had stolen the briefcase in order to make sure that his family members back in Pakistan who had been “locked up” as “political dissidents,” would be set free. However, he refused to cooperate further as he was scared for his family.

Meanwhile, at the office, while they made a sandwich for Bruce, Paige asked for Happy’s opinion regarding her possible move to Portland. All she got from her was that Portland was “wet.” She then told Happy that she believed that geniuses “hid behind facts” in order not to deal with unpleasant things. They then became anxious after learning that Bruce had run away. Thanks to a real estate sign with the name Maplethorpe on it, they tracked him down to a particular street and house. It turned out that he had wanted to go there to check if the love of his life, a White House Secretary named Lorraine still lived there. However, he learned that she was no longer living there.

Afterwards, they brought him to the hospital and attached him to an MRI machine. After showing him Agent Khara, he remembered that after stealing the briefcase. Khara had made a phone call, as he remembered hearing the tones of the push buttons on the phone. After recreating the sounds and smells and feeling of him being back on the day that it had been stolen, they were able to get the number based on the push button sounds they played for him. They then traced it to a non-profit organization that helped out poor Middle Eastern children. It was merely a front for a man named Nadeem Gadhi. However, they had less than thirty minutes to chase him down and to recover the briefcase before the missiles were launched to St. Petersburg.

At the harbor, Bruce managed to save Cabe, and Toby, Walter, Cabe and Bruce chased after Nadeem. However, he was cornered in front of an electric fence by them and by Happy, who blocked his escape with Cabe’s car. However, he threw the briefcase over the fence onto the train tracks in order to ensure that it would detonate. Happy then used a magnetized crane to “reverse the polarities” of the brakes of the train in order to “flip the switch” and  to make the train stop. Afterwards, Sylvester smashed the briefcase, and the world remained safe.

Cabe then told Walter to enjoy his youth. He knew that his newfound youthful vigor would wear off soon, but became surprised. It was after Walter informed him that the effects had actually worn off hours ago. When they dropped Bruce off at the hospital, they surprised him with Lorraine. They told him that having her in his life might be good for him and his own recovery.

Back at the Scorpion office, Walter told Paige that Portland might be good and presented all the facts in front of her. He then revealed to her that he didn’t want them to leave because he cared very much for Ralph and because Ralph made him “more human.” He then admitted that he also cared about her. She then told him that she would miss him as well. They were then interrupted by Ralph and Drew. They learned that he had won the Science Fair. Paige was even more elated when she learned that Ralph had been invited to a birthday party. Afterwards, she reassured Walter that she was not in a hurry, and that she “didn’t want to go.” She also allowed him and Ralph to take a look again at his engine.

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