Scorpion Recap: Going South

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Scorpion Recap: Going South
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“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 17 “Going South” aired Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 at 9:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, the team struggled to work together after a harmless operation in Mexico to help save a technology billionaire’s daughter from a cartel group quickly went south. The entire team was at odds with Walter O’ Brien, (Elyes Gabel) who had done an interview with a local news reporter and didn’t really include or talk with his other teammates as equals. Also, Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) finally revealed to Walter that he was dating his sister, Megan O’Brien (Camille Guaty). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) letting Megan O’ Brien (Camille Guaty) listen to a song that he wrote for her. After the two kissed, Megan learned that everyone in the office except for her brother, Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel) knew that they were dating. He then reassured her that he would find the right time to tell him and that he would let Walter know about it soon.

At the garage, before Sylvester could say anything, Walter told the entire team to look at the monitors. He then showed them that he just had an interview with a local news reporter, which was good publicity for them. However, it made it seem that Walter was the only genius as the news reporter gave Walter all the credit; didn’t even mention Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick); and made some inaccuracies with regards the rest of the team, such as Toby Curtis’ (Eddie Kaye Thomas) credentials, and Paige Dineen (Katherine McPhee) became a brilliant mechanical engineer instead of Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) who was labeled as a “super nanny”. Toby then chalked this up to Walter’s narcissistic egomania, and Paige had to explain to him that they were all upset because Walter didn’t even inform them that he was doing the interview.

They were then interrupted by Agent Cabe Gallo who came in with their newest client, technology billionaire Richard Elia (Andy Buckley). He told them that his daughter Zoe (Mia Serafino), a journalist had been kidnaped by the La Plaga cartel in Mexico while on assignment to expose a major cartel operation. The La Plaga cartel was technology savvy and posted their exploits on social media. They had demanded a cash payment with wiring instructions, which Sylvester managed to narrow down to Culiacon in Mexico. However, before Elia left, Walter told him that he had a foolproof plan that would guarantee that they would be able to get her exact location.

They then used one of Elia’s jets to get to their destination. Inside, Walter explained that they were going to place the requisitioned holographic strips embedded with GPS trackers, which they would get from the treasury thanks to Cabe, on the American dollars that they were going to use to pay the cartel. Once they had the money, they would be able to track down the exact location of Zoe so that Elia’s contracted mercenaries could get her out safely.

However, when they arrived there, their escort, a federal, left them ten miles away from a town so that the La Plaga cartel could come and get their money. Sylvester then chose the worst timing in the world to tell him that he was dating Megan, which caused Walter not to talk to him for quite some time.

At the motel, Cabe arrived and was dumbfounded by the fact that they had lost their money. In their room, Elia sent a new video in which more money was demanded Zoe’s ransom, and they were given a deadline which would expire in a couple of hours. Walter then tried to work his magic to decrypt their servers, but couldn’t as he was pressed for time, and because in had a thirty-point encryption key which would reset in three seconds. He then told Sylvester to stop replaying the ransom video, but Sylvester realized that he knew what kind of bird was in the background, and together, they were able to locate where the video was shot based on their knowledge of the specific feeding ground that that kind of bird needed.

However, when they got there it was empty, and Toby noticed that a famous fountain which had been in the video was there, which meant that the cartel had wanted them to go to that area for an ambush. As if on cue, two motion detecting remote-controlled machine guns came into view and peppered them with bullets. However, it became a little bit more dangerous for Paige as her only shield was going to be useless in a matter of seconds. Happy told Cabe at which point to shoot at with the machine gun, which worked, andand Walter distracted the second machine gun with lots of rolling fruits in order for Paige to run to him for safety. While they were there, Walter mentioned to Paige that he wasn’t that happy about the fact that Sylvester and Megan were together.

Back at the motel room, they had less than two hours to think of a new plan, and Cabe informed them that Elia’s hired mercenaries didn’t want to help them out. Happy then suggested that she talk to the locals in the neighborhood regarding the workmanship of the hinge that held the machine gun, but Walter wouldn’t allow her to. They were then sent an email which revealed them hiding from the machine guns during the ambush, which meant that they had been watching the entire thing. While they watched this, Happy took the opportunity to slip away.

Out on the streets, nobody wanted to talk to her about the workmanship of the gate hinge that the machine gun had been on. She then was kidnapped by a teenager who wanted to demand ransom from her family so that he could be rich like the La Plaga cartel. Happy then managed to untie herself from the chair she was strapped to, and brought the kid, Paco (Aramis Knight) to the motel room, because he knew who the La Plaga cartel members were, and where they hung out. Toby then tried to bribe him with a television and a gaming console, and when that didn’t work, Toby enacted his second plan in which they left him alone in the room. Outside, while they waited, Walter and the others started to doubt his plan, but it worked, as the kid had taken their ID’s and money from their wallets, which had the GPS trackers on it.

Thanks to that, they were able to track the La Plaga cartel to a building, whose third floor seemed to have a lot of lasers on it. Walter then took the diode from Sylvester’s cuckoo clock souvenir in order to be able to come up with a device connected to a laptop that would allow them to see what’s beyond the corner of the hallways inside the building. Before they got to the building, Walter also asked for some plumbing tools. Before they entered the building, Cabe had to remind them that they needed to work together, which meant that they had to stop bickering with each other.

Inside the building, Cabe knocked out the man in the hallway, and took his gun. Walter positioned himself behind the door that Cabe was going to use as an escape route, and Cabe positioned himself on the stairwell just below where the cartel held Zoe. Meanwhile, Paige, Happy and Toby managed to get inside the apartment below Zoe, and used the balcony so that Happy could climb up and retrieve Zoe. Once Happy was in position, Cabe began to open fire, so that they could draw out most of the cartel members to the stairwell where Cabe was. Happy then managed to get inside the room, but before she could untie Zoe, another cartel member came in, pointed a gun at her, at got mad at Paco for being a lousy lookout. Paco then hit him before he could shoot Happy, and while she untied Zoe, she told him to get out of town fast.

After Zoe was safely lowered down to Toby, Cabe went out the door where Walter was, who jammed the door shut with two doorstoppers made out of plumbing pipes. Sylvester then managed to get everything set up, so that when the cartel tried to stop them from leaving on the other side of the courtyard, Walter revealed that they had programmed their own machine gun to fire on them if they moved or tried to stop them. Right before they left, Walter informed them that the batteries on the motion detector would die in 24 hours, meaning that they couldn’t move at all for an entire day. While on their way out, Happy gave Paco Cabe’s $5,000 watch, so that he would be able to have some money with which to start a brand new life without the influence of any cartels.

Back in the garage, Zoe reconciled with her father, and Walter apologized to them about the interview. Toby and Happy then also apologized for snapping back at him. After Paige encouraged him to talk to Sylvester, Walter told him that he was actually not happy about them being together because he knew that eventually, his sister was going to die, and that Sylvester wouldn’t be able to handle the emotional fallout that it bring. However, Sylvester told him that things like that were worth the risk, and Walter gave him his blessing.

Later that day, Sylvester played a song on the radio, and the two danced together, with Megan stepping on Sylvester’s feet, and with his as support.

Meanwhile, back at the garage, Richard Elia thanked Walter for everything and invited him to work at his think tank. However, after looking at Toby, who was dancing, and at Happy and Paige who were laughing and having fun with him, Richard told him that he was already happy where he was.

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