Scorpion Recap: Kill Screen

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Scorpion Recap: Kill Screen
Scorpion TV Series Logo. July 12, 2014.

“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 13 “Kill Screen” aired last Monday, Jan. 5, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Ralph Dineen (Riley B. Smith) accidentally stumbled onto a game on a dark website, which led to him being questioned by the government as he had accidentally stumbled onto some classified stolen intelligence relating to several CIA safe houses. As the team raced to figure out who stole the intelligence and modified the game to include the secret levels, Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel) learned a lesson about mentorship, a sliver of Sylvester Dodd’s (Ari Stidham) past came to light, Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) showed of his medical prowess and Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) and Ralph’s father, Drew (Brendan Hines), became a little bit closer. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Ralph Dineen (Riley B. Smith) playing a game on his mother’s, Paige (Katharine McPhee), laptop. He had managed to unlock a secret level, but the strange thing was that there was nobody inside the room. Meanwhile, somewhere in Mexico, a man named Octavio, who was in a room with the exact same layout as Ralph’s game, became paranoid and worried. However, the two government agents reassured him that he had nothing to fear from the cartel that he was informing on. However, the government agents were stopped short as he, Octavio, and his partner had gotten shot.

Back in Ralph’s room, Paige, who realized that Ralph was still awake at two in the morning, took the laptop away from him. Before she left his room, he told her that he had unlocked a hidden level in the game he had been playing, but it had gone weird. He then told her that he had found the game online.

Meanwhile, at the Scorpion office, genius Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel) received a big package. He then started to look at some schematics for something that looked like a spaceship.

The next morning, Ralph was fascinated with what Walter was doing and watched while mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) helped out with the reactor core. The group’s behaviorist, Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas), who was still reeling from being insulted and being called a “spiller” and clumsy, deliberately removed the cloth hiding the spaceship behind Walter’s desk. It turned out that Walter was studying the jet propulsion system as he was vying for the Common Line Prize, which gave out $ 15 million as a prize. Ralph, of course, was entranced and told his mother that he did not want to hang out with his father, Drew (Brendan Hines), after school, as he wanted to work on the rocket. However, before they could enter his school, they were stopped by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent Wilson Eckhart (Spencer Garrett), who brought them to the Department of Justice, as they had to question Ralph about something.

At the Department of Justice, Paige was informed that Ralph, aside from a dangerous drug cartel, had both accessed the hidden level of a game called Overt Target, which had held information on the location and layout of a CIA safe house in Mexico, which had allowed the two CIA agents and a Mexican turncoat drug cartel captain to be killed. Because Ralph had managed to get into the hidden level, they then deduced that since Paige worked for a government contractor, Scorpion, Ralph either had an access to the map or he had helped with the design. Before saying anything else, Paige quickly told Eckhart that she needed to get in touch with Scorpion’s government handler, Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), and Walter.

During Ralph’s interrogation, Eckhart refused to buy the story that Ralph had just found it lying around, especially as the game was on the dark web. Ralph then revealed that Walter had shown him the dark website, as he had been teaching him all about decryption, and told Eckhart that they had not been doing anything bad. Walter then tried to explain to Paige that he had shown him the dark website as he had wanted to show him where the most interesting coding was and told them that the only dark website he had shown Ralph was a beta game site so that he could learn more about coding and designing. Drew then came and tried to talk to Ralph, but he only wanted to talk to Walter.

Cabe then informed them that he had lawyered up for everyone on the team and that Ralph had been placed under his custody. He then explained that the reason why Eckhart was being aggressive was because the mainframe of the CIA had been hacked three weeks ago, and the hacker had stolen details about six other operations. Paige then told Walter to figure out who hacked the CIA in order to clear Ralph’s name, as it was his fault that Ralph had known about the site. Drew then tried to interrupt so that they could explain to him what was happening, but Walter, who was now focused, ignored him.

Paige, Ralph and Drew were then taken to the loft of the Scorpion office while everyone else pitched in to help clear Ralph’s name. While human calculator Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) tried to locate the game designer online, Toby pulled Walter aside and told him that he knew that Walter’s intentions were good and warned him that mentoring a young person is more than just having fun. Walter then brushed him aside and told him that he knew that.

Sylvester then informed the team that he had managed to figure out who the game designer was on the game’s message board. Upstairs, Drew grew increasingly worried about the team’s influence on Ralph, but Paige reassured him that they would never hurt Ralph and that they were amazing people, along with the promise that all of Ralph’s internet usage would be closely monitored. Walter and Cabe then interrupted them to ask Ralph if had ever talked with someone with the user name “MiniDanger.” Ralph then revealed that he had communicated with him once and had told him that his Level 1 entry of the warehouse was too easy and that a hidden entrance should be placed, which led to the modification of the game. This reflected bad on Ralph, as the game had been modified based on his suggestion and because he had already told Eckhart that he had not helped in the design of the game in any way. They then informed Paige that the situation was dire and pretty similar to the situation that Walter himself had found himself in when he was arrested as a kid as he had hacked into NASA. However, all of that had gone away as Cabe had stepped in.

Toby then informed them that he was currently communicating with MiniDanger, who kept on replying as Toby kept on insulting him. Toby reasoned that was the best way for game designers like MiniDanger to keep on talking as most artists and game designers are egomaniacs, as they only could find popularity in places like message boards. They then traced MiniDanger’s signal to Game Slam, a gaming convention that was happening in the area.

At the convention, they left Cabe outside with their phones and credit cards, as those were easily hackable and because Cabe looked like a government agent. They then traced MiniDanger’s signal to a VIP room, which they couldn’t get past unless they succeeded in killing 30 dinosaurs in 30 seconds in a game. Sylvester then took up the controller and defeated the game in 10 seconds. After letting them all in, the lady at the booth asked Happy if Sylvester was El Guapo, as she had seen that sort of thing done before by that person. They then deduced that MiniDanger might be one of those playing at the stage as he had stopped replying to Toby. While they were talking on their communication devices, Toby correctly deduced who MiniDanger was. In addition to that, Happy noted that he had noticed that they were talking into their earpieces. Since he disappeared from view, Toby made an announcement that caused everyone to remove their druid capes, which meant that MiniDanger would be the only one wearing a cape. Outside, Cabe was able to knock him out with a fake axe.

Back at the Scorpion office, he admitted to designing the game and was shocked to learn that “ScorpJunior1,” Ralph, was only 10 years old. He then revealed to them that he did not know about any secret levels and told them to talk to his partner, Calvin Thorne, who did all the revisions and wrote the story for the game. He also had all of their hard drives. Based on his body language, Toby knew that Nate, or MiniDanger, was telling the truth. They then deduced that Calvin had probably hacked into the CIA, used the game as a place to hide the information and all the buyer of that information needed to do was to access it.

Upstairs, in the loft, Drew informed Paige that Ralph was not eating and felt that the Scorpion office was not the best place for a child. He told her that he was worried that since they treated Ralph like an adult, they might be taking away Ralph’s childhood away from him.

Meanwhile, the team managed to break into Calvin’s house and took his safe, which Happy cracked. Toby tried to crack it himself but only ended up with purple ink in his face. They then found a hard drive which they then started to decrypt. They then found the CIA files, and Nate informed them that they might find Calvin and the “Brick and Porter Café,” which was where they did most of their work for the game. He then volunteered to go in undercover, as he knew that getting a confession out of Calvin was what was needed. Before they left, Walter told Sylvester to keep on decrypting the hard drive.

At the café, they were told that Eckhart and his team were en route to be their back up. While Nate talked to Calvin, Sylvester informed them that Calvin’s real name was Donald Chen, and he had a record which included possession charges and hacking. They then learned from Nate’s wire that Calvin was almost done with six new levels in the game, which would launch in an hour. Nate then told Calvin that he had stumbled on the hidden level. Because of that, Calvin brought him to an alleyway behind the café and stabbed him.

As he was still alive, Happy and Toby rushed him to the hospital. In order to stop the bleeding, Toby used one of Happy’s tampons and created a makeshift defibrillator using jumper cables in order to jumpstart his heart. Thankfully, they were able to make it to the emergency room in the nick of time.

Meanwhile, Eckhart’s men searched the entire area for Calvin, which consisted of numerous abandoned warehouses, and Walter realized that they were in the game, as they had based the design of the game on the alleyway and the warehouses. Walter also realized that Ralph, who knew the game well, then needed to play again in order to talk them through as to where Calvin might be hiding.

Ralph led them into a hidden entrance to a warehouse, but as they headed down the southeast corridor, Calvin hit Cabe squarely on the forehead. Walter continued to chase after Calvin, and took a leap of faith, as Ralph told him to jump at a certain area where Walter could not see the floor. He then managed to pull the lever which allowed the storage bay to open, right before the exit. This caused Calvin to fall down, allowing them to properly apprehend him and place him under custody.

Back at the warehouse, Walter congratulated Toby on his quick thinking and good work, as the emergency room doctors had just informed him that Nate was going to make it. Walter then admitted to Toby that when he was showing Ralph the website, he was having too much fun. Toby then reminded him that mentorship meant that Walter had to be the grown up for the both of them. After Walter left, Happy informed Toby that Sylvester was a celebrity, as he had, when he was younger, defeated the game in the convention under 30 or 10 seconds. The video clip then ended with a young Sylvester dancing,and calling himself El Guapo.

Upstairs, while Paige and Drew packed up Ralph’s things, Drew promised to work hard at his Portland gig so that he could make things right, not so that he and Paige could become a couple again, but for their family. However, Paige was hesitant as she did not know whether she wanted to leave Scorpion behind.

Walter then came an apologized to them for putting Ralph through a lot of trouble but told them that because they were able to stop Calvin in time, Ralph had also saved hundreds of lives. Walter then told Drew that they weren’t trying to make Ralph grow up at that moment and told Paige that he could not give her a guarantee that it won’t happen again. However, he told her that he cared a lot about Ralph and that he only wanted to give Ralph a safe place to reach his potential. He then offered his cheek up so that Paige could slap him if she wanted to, but she declined and just bid him a good night.

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