Scorpion Recap: Plutonium Is Forever

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Scorpion Recap: Plutonium Is Forever
Scorpion TV Series Logo. July 12, 2014.

“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 5 “Plutonium Is Forever” aired last Monday, Oct. 20, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team reunited with an unexpected person from their past, whom they are forced to work with in order to prevent a nuclear meltdown from happening. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, a man with a compass one mile east of the Montero Nuclear Reactor took one step forward and timed how long it would take for the helicopters and tanks to come to arrest him. He then told them that wanted to speak to Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel).

At the Scorpion office, Ralph Dineen (Riley B. Smith) and the rest of the Scorpion team were busy with their own individual projects. His mother, Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee), who was a little bit upset that her son had not eaten breakfast yet, told him to get ready for school. She then realized that Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel) and Sylverster Dodd (Ari Stidham), who have been working on a project for hours, had not had any breaks yet. Walter then explained that they were too focused, or they were “down the rabbit hole,” which meant that they were lost in thought as they were too occupied, which meant that they lose sense of time and reality until the project is done.

After Paige brought Ralph to school, Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), their government handler, spoke to Walter alone, asking him if he knew a Mark Collins (Joshua Leonard) who was currently at the Fort Daniels Military Base, as he was arrested because he had breached the “unmarked perimeter” of the Montero Nuclear Reactor. Walter then told Cabe to keep it quiet and went with him. It turned out that Mark had been part of the Scorpion team years ago.

At Fort Daniels, they were met by General Ned Walker (Mykelti Williamson) who told Walter that he would only speak to Walter and that the Montero Nuclear Reactor had been decommissioned and was on cool down mode at the moment.

In Mark’s cell, Walter asked him if they were “on solid ground now,” and Mark assured him that he was. He then  told Walter that he had heard that there was going to be a problem and mentioned the numbers “851.67” and “851.69” and told him that at 6:32, he had heard the word black, then at 6:46, he heard the word green and mentioned the date March 25. Walter then explained that Mark was a radio expert and tracked down all modes of communications, and only Walter could understand what he was saying about radio frequencies and time codes. He then told Cabe to have the rest of the team meet them at Mark’s house, as Walter needed Mark’s data, but told Cabe not to tell the other’s to whose house they were going.

As soon as the team arrived there, because of the metal cage with a big antenna in the middle of the yard, Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) and the others deduced that they were in Mark Collins’ house. Walter then assured them that they were just there to gather “data.”

As they searched Mark’s basement, Paige learned that Mark “knew his mindgames” and made them doubt themselves to the point that he had beaten Sylvester once at chess. Happy then told her that Mark affected Walter the most as the two used to go "down the rabbit hole"  together, and that he would “erase his good judgment” and made Walter forget about the rest of the team. Because of this, Paige did not like the fact that Walter had tried to keep Mark’s involvement with the case a secret.  

Happy then found the tape and played the tape at 6:36 a.m. Based on the conversation they heard on the tape, they realized that a scientist who worked for the reactor was saying that that there would be a “major problem” unless they found a way “to run a SCATA update.” SCATA, a technology that existed in the '80s, ran the entire plant. They then realized that they just got a job to “upgrade a major nuclear power plant” that uses '80s technology.

At the power plant, Walter told them that the software should have been updated fifteen years ago. Since there was a loose fuse in one of the regulators, the regulator had stopped operating the core temperature, which meant that the nuclear plant was overheating and was headed for a meltdown in 18 hours. Mark knew the power plant well, so they needed him.

Outside, before Mark arrived at the power plant, the team told Paige that Mark was a bad influence on Walter, as they would often get lost in thought. They were worried that they would lose Walter for days. Cabe also realized that Walter was hiding something about Mark. Paige tried to talk to Walter, but to no avail.  

At the power plant, the team, especially Happy, did not like the fact that they had to take orders from both Mark and Walter. They then split into two — Happy and Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) went to the main computer room; while Sylvester, Paige, Cabe, Mark and Walter stayed behind in the power plant itself. Sylvester downloaded the reactor calibration, which tells them when the reactor was hot or not. While this happened, Happy and Toby would prepare the system for the update. Happy, however, became more annoyed as the technology in the computer room was ancient, and she wanted to run a diagnostic so that they would be safe once the update happened. However, Mark told her that it wasn’t a motorcycle engine that needed to be rebuilt, and Walter made the call by starting the update, as Mark knew the power plant like the palm of his hand.

While this was happening, Walter asked Mark why he had called them and told him that he “wasn’t happy with the way things turned out.”

Happy then called Walter outside and told him that if he ever did that again in public to her, she would disappear faster than Mark had before. She also reminded him that Mark’s departure was the best thing for the team, especially as she was the one who had pulled out Walter out of his “10-day bender with Mark,” in which she had to force feed him as he had not slept or eaten during that time. If Mark rejoins the team, she would not do that again.

After reentering the computer room, Toby handed her a note and told her to read it when she was ready, as it had something that would make her happy. Annoyed, Happy decided to run the diagnostic. However, when she did, one of the back-up generators blew up, which meant that those in the power plant had to leave as the containment doors were quickly closing. Walter and Cabe were the last ones to leave as Walter made sure that the download finished. However, because of this, Cabe got locked inside.

Inside the computer room, Happy admitted that it had been her fault, and Toby quickly defended her when Mark started answering at her. Walter surprised Mark by telling him to help Cabe get out of there, while the rest of the team continued working on the upgrade. As the data he needed was  in house, Walter told Happy to translate the schematics. He told Paige to go with them to ensure that Happy and Mark would behave with each other. There, they told Cabe to go to Chamber 19A and to use pipe 6 in order to get out, as that pipe dumped water out into the ocean. Before Cabe went under, Walter revealed that he had Mark committed to an asylum three years ago. Thankfully, their plan succeeded, and Cabe was able to rejoin them in the computer room.

Meanwhile, Mark confronted Paige and learned that Walter was helping her understand her genius son. Because of this, Mark realized that Walter was “trying to repair his youth” through them and that she should be careful as they were just another “experiment” to Walter. They could be “discarded” as he was “discarded” by Walter. Happy, in the meantime, opened up Toby’s note and smiled, as the note had read “Made you look.”

At the plant, Walter told Sylvester to compress the file so that they could send the update to the computer. While he did this, Cabe confronted Walter and told him that he was actually worried about Mark. Walter then revealed that part of the reason why he had Mark committed was to see if others could pull him out of the “rabbit hole” so that he knew that if ever that happened to him, the others could also pull him out. However, Cabe told him that he had done the right thing and that Mark was causing him to doubt himself.

Walter then realized that the “override” had been “switched to manual over twenty minutes ago” and that Mark had set the entire thing up. He knew that Happy would run the diagnostic and had planted a Trojan Horse, which would be triggered when she did. He had done something to damage the RF DAC,which was used to convert the update from digital into analog. Mark had been “showing off” the entire time to prove his worth. At the same time, a warning siren started blaring, signaling that they had less than four  minutes until a meltdown.

At Mark’s house, he entered the cage and asked for the access code for the “antenna’s descendent analog signal.” Mark then gave him several numbers, which reminded them of all the work they had done together before. Cabe also drew his gun on him to try to force him to give up the code. Mark revealed that he had been hurt by what Walter had done to him as they could have achieved so much. He then told him that he was not afraid to die as his “life had ended the day he ended their partnership.” Based on this, Paige realized that the code was that particular date, which they entered. Cabe shot Mark in the leg, and the temperature of the reactor went down to normal.

Later, Cabe told Walter that the reason why he did not keep an eye on Mark during the upgrade was because he had felt guilty about what he had done before, which meant that Walter was “evolving” into a normal human being.

In Mark’s cell, Mark asked Walter why there wasn’t “enough room” for one more, for him. However, Walter told him that his departure had allowed Paige to fill his place, as she was the one that “binds them together” and told him that he hoped that he will never see Mark back “down the rabbit hole” ever again.

Back at the office, Walter thanked Happy for what she had done for him years back, and she told him that she had done it because they were friends. Walter then promised never to let her down again. Happy commented that “the shrink was crazier than all of them,” as Toby really had defended her honor during the entire case. As Walter moved away, Happy ventured a smile at Toby, who looked back at her.

Paige surprised them by arriving with Ralph, and some ingredients, and told them to “take a break” and to work on a group project together by cooking Chicken Picatta. While they cooked, Paige confronted Walter and told him to tell her right away if he was just “trying them out” and could be discarded easily. However, Walter reassured her that they would never be able to do anything without her and that she was part of their team.

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