Scorpion Recap: Shorthanded

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Scorpion Recap: Shorthanded
Scorpion TV Series Logo. July 12, 2014.

“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 4 “Shorthanded” aired last Monday, Oct.  13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, a private outside simple job at Las Vegas ended up in disaster as Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel) was unjustly imprisoned after being framed for stealing money from the casino they just had a job at. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, the entire Scorpion team and their handler, Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), wrapped up a case in which they were able to hack into a Chinese national’s computer and to arrest him as he had been leaking classified military information. Afterwards, the team leader, Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel), asked Cabe if they could finally have some publicity on what they just accomplished, but since it was a government operation, everything was hush-hush.

The team then, much to Cabe’s surprise, started packing for a trip to Las Vegas, as they had a private job to do there. They were going to go The Crimson to help find out why they kept on losing money at the high roller tables. Cabe then pulled Walter aside and told him that he and his team weren’t ready yet to handle other jobs on their own, as most of the time, they needed the government's help. However, Walter insisted that they only work with the government and not for them, and that that job would help give them the publicity that the company deserves.

Afterwards, as they were about to leave, Walter told Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas), their world class behaviorist, said that he would not be going, as his gambling problem would only be a liability to them during the job and that he would be running background checks on the employees from their garage. Sylvester Dodds (Ari Stidham), their human calculator, volunteered to stay but was shot down by Walter who knew that Sylvester was afraid of flying. Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) told Walter that he shouldn’t have done that to Toby at the last minute and suggested they should all go as a team, which Walter finally relented to.

At The Crimson, Walter and Toby made a bet — if Toby does not gamble at all while they were at Vegas, then he would get Walter’s paycheck; and if Toby gambles while they were there, Walter would get his paycheck. To this, Toby agreed. They were then greeted by Renee Connelly, the daughter of Bob Connelly, the owner of The Crimson, who showed them to their suite. While they were there, Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), their mechanical prodigy, agreed to take Paige’s picture for her son, Ralph.

Back at the casino, Happy placed pressure pad motion heat sensors on the floor to make sure that everyone walked in a random pattern. If they don’t, that would mean that the customers were ripping the casino off. At Bob Connelly’s office, Walter saw that one of the blackjack dealers, a man named Ronnie, was the cause of their problem. The problem was that Ronnie’s hands were too small, which meant that he wasn’t fast enough in dealing the cards, which led him to being fired.

Paige then pulled Walter aside, and gently told him that first he was rude to Toby that his gambling problem would put them at risk; that he was insensitive to Sylvester’s fear of flying; and now, with Ronnie, he was unsympathetic to his plight.

As they were able to upgrade the casino’s security and since the job was done, with the exception of getting back the pressure pads, Paige encouraged Walter to let them enjoy and relax for a little bit. Happy and Paige decided to play some slots, while Toby, still seeing the bet through, felt frustrated at the fact that he could not gamble at all.

However, before they could move, Walter noticed that there were two men wearing baseball hats with rigid postures and were going against the crowd. These men were waiting for the money cart, and a robbery was going down. He then warned his teammates to stay calm when the robbers, wearing masks, stole the $10 million in the cart and made them all face the floor.

Afterwards, the detective in charge of the investigation started accusing Walter of stealing the money, as he was the last one who tampered with the security program and had repositioned the cameras in order to catch Ronnie. Using the pressure pads that they still had in place, they followed the footprints to a huge storage closet. The only problem there was that there was no exit door, and the security cameras had not caught anyone suspicious going outside the casino. The detective’s suspicions were even more aroused when they heard the security audio of Walter warning his friends that a robbery was about to go down. After searching their suite, they found the missing $10 million in Walter’s bag. Walter got into more trouble at court, as he would not heed Paige’s advice of calling Cabe up for help. Instead, Walter annoyed the judge with his high IQ, and she set his bail at $500,000. Seeing this, Walter told Toby to get him his bail money and that their “bet was off.”

At the motel room, Paige stopped the entire team from arguing with each other. The team split up to work on different angles to help Walter get out of jail, as only Walter can solve the case. Happy and Paige decided to figure out who had framed Walter in order to clear his name, while Sylvester would work the sports bets, and Toby would work the tables in order to get Walter’s bail money.

At the precinct, Happy and Paige discovered that the footage of their suite had been spliced and tampered with, which meant that the person who framed Walter must have been very desperate. On their way down, Paige noticed that there was going to be a public hearing for the expansion of The Crimson, which according to Renee, was already in the red, so Bob Connelly would be desperate for money. This prompted Happy to ask for all the copies of the building permits for the expansion of The Crimson.

At the casino, Toby and Sylvester were able to gather $250,000. However, as they needed to earn $250,000 more in forty minutes, Toby decided to bet everything on one spin at the Russian Roulette Wheel. Before Sylvester could stop him, Happy and Paige showed up and informed Sylvester that they believed that Connelly had paid someone to help him further the expansion, as they had been behind on it due to problems with the permits. They believed that the robbery was an insurance scam. They then tried to collect Toby, but before they could stop him, he bet on the wheel and lost everything.

Meanwhile, Walter had the unfortunate luck of having Ronnie, they guy he had fired, as his cellmate. When Ronnie woke up, he tried to punch Walter. Thankfully, they were interrupted by the warden, who told him that his lawyer,Toby, was there to see him. There, Walter correctly guessed that Toby did not have the money and was disappointed in him, as he had let him down the moment he needed him the most, especially as they already had the opportunity to show the world what they were capable off. However, Toby correctly guessed that Walter just wanted to prove himself to Cabe and told him that he hated it when Walter was right, because he always is. However, Walter said that he wasn’t always right, as he was wrong about Toby coming through for him.

Back at the motel, Paige stepped up into Walter’s position as leader and told them that they had to establish Connelly’s motive to frame Walter. The only problem was that they could not hack into the security system, as no one could hack into Walter’s program. However, Sylvester could use a remote access jumpdrive to gain access to Connelly’s files on his laptop. However, he needed somebody to get into Connelly’s office to plug in the jumpdrive to his computer. This required Happy and Toby to zipline from one roof to The Crimson’s roof and to crawl through its ventilation shafts to reach the office. However, as Toby had crashed through the ceiling he decided to provide the distraction Happy needed so she could get into the office. It was successful. However, the downloading of the files was interrupted as a security guard had told Sylvester to move his car.

In jail, Walter prevented Ronnie from strangling him. It turned out that Ronnie had hit the bottle and was arrested for public intoxication. He then apologized for what had happened, and helped him come up with a business plan for him. He also learned that Ronnie had wanted to be a magician, but he couldn’t because his hands were too small. However, he informed Walter that there was once a magician who used to disappear from the venue that in the future became The Crimson and would appear outside on the street. He also informed Walter that the stage the magician had used was in the storage supply closet that Walter and his team had searched. And that’s how the robbers had escaped. Using his smarts, Walter got the jail door unlocked, so he could warn his teammates. Luckily, he ran into Sylvester, who was driving back to The Crimson to finish the download.

Happy was surprised that Walter was back and that the files had finished downloading. However, as she had no way out, Paige had ziplined across to pick Happy up. Meanwhile, Toby had been caught by the security staff of the casino and was brought to Renee, who decided to leave him in the middle of the desert so that she would not report them.

Meanwhile, the Scorpion team figured out that there was actually a service elevator near the supply storage closet that would allow the robbers to get out, but it required an employee’s keycard. They then discovered that Renee was behind the entire thing.

Meanwhile, Toby found himself faced with a gun to his head. He then figured out, by asking some questions and by reading her body language, that Renee was mad at her father for not including her in the expansion plans of The Crimson. She then had decided to steal $10 million, so that she could start her own venue and bankrupt her father’s casino. She then ordered Toby to send a text message to Walter and his friends that told them to meet him in the desert “underneath Orion’s belt.”

Walter and the others met up with Toby in the desert, but before any harm could be done to any of them, Cabe showed up with back up and helicopters. It turned out that Walter had figured out that Toby was in trouble because Orion’s Belt wasn’t visible at that time of the year.

The detective then apologized to Walter, as they had discovered that Renee had been laundering money all along.

Cabe allowed Paige, Happy and Sylvester to get in the car so that they could go home, but would not allow Toby and Walter to ride, as they were bickering with each other. As they walked Toby realized that they each had something to prove with the job. Renee wanted to prove something to her father, Walter wanted to prove something to Cabe, and Toby wanted to prove that he could be relied on as a friend, the way Walter had done many times before. Walter also admitted that he was trying to prove to Cabe that they could handle outside jobs, as Cabe was his father figure, and was disturbed by the fact that Cabe said that he could not do it. They then laughed their problems out, and Walter decided to let Toby try to gamble and win them first class tickets back home.

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