Scorpion Recap: Single Point of Failure

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Scorpion Recap: Single Point of Failure
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“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 2 “Single Point of Failure” aired on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the Scorpion team dealt with a case in which the Governor’s daughter’s laptop, and the girl herself were infected with a seemingly unknown and deadly virus. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode started out with a flashback of a young Walter O’ Brien in his math class. During class, he corrected one of his teachers, who got mad at him. As his teacher was going to hit him on the hands, his sister, Megan, pulled the fire alarm so that the teacher would not push through with it.

In the present day, Walter (Elyes Gabel) read a letter sent by the care facility that his sister is in. Megan had gotten Multiple Sclerosis as a child. Therefore, she needed to stay at a care facility.

Downstairs, the Scorpion team, which consisted of worldclass behaviorist Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas), mechanical prodigy Happy (Jadyn Wong) and human calculator Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham), and Walter received their paychecks from the job they did previously. The latest member of their team, Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee), walked into the room with her genius son Ralph, who was going to be absent from school as he was sick. However, as he had noticed that Ralph was happily writing mathematical equations on the board, Walter revealed to Paige that Ralph had hacked the thermometer to make it seem like he had a temperature, as he does not like to go school. Walter also revealed to Paige that he had a sister, which was surprising for the rest, as he does not really talk that much about her. He informed her that his sister got sick, but she was now better.

They are then called by their government handler, Special Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), to go to the governor’s house. Governor Paul Lane’s (Joel Gretsch) daughter, Helena, had been infected by an unknown virus, and she was getting worse every hour. Walter grew a little bit impatient as he did not understand why he was there as what was happening was a medical problem. However, Paige stepped in and told the governor that they sympathize with him The governor then revealed to them that a computer virus via an email had been sent to Helena’s laptop before she fell ill. The virus read “It’s your fault that she’s sick” over and over again. Walter then realized that whoever had done it had infected Helena only, as it was a customized virus meant to only attack Helena. According to Walter, this could be done as someone could get one’s DNA out of a cup or glass that one used. Then that person would be able to study the DNA of that particular person and know that person’s biological weaknesses. Based on that, one could create a virus targeted specifically towards that person’s weaknesses.

While Walter was at the governor’s house, seeing the helpless and sick Helena had reminded him of the time that Megan was sick, and he could not do anything to help her.

However, initially, the team could not identify who the perpetrator could be. None of those who had openly threatened the governor new biophysics or advanced computer engineering. They also had trouble finding out the point of origin of the email as the address kept on bouncing. Frustrated and impatient by these developments, Walter smashed the mug he was holding, which gave him a cut.

Upstairs, in his office, Paige tried to find out what was wrong with him, as he was taking out his anger out on everyone else. Walter then revealed to her that when his sister was sick, he could not do anything to help save her, which made him feel helpless. They were interrupted as Sylvester called for him as they had found something.

They had found that the address wasn’t just bouncing. It was masked in an endless loop. Walter then was able to identify a particular pattern in the prefix and told them that they knew a place where IP addresses are masked using that trick.

That led them to a known hacker petri dish that most of the Scorpion team knew about. Toby was able to identify one suspicious individual by the way he moved and reacted to their presence. However, as he was getting away, Walter slammed hard into him, breaking several of his ribs.

They discovered that he had never seen the person who had hired him, as his client dropped off the cash into a PO Box so that it would be untraceable. The hacker was only instructed to send four emails to different people.

At the office, the team realized that all of the intended targets were children of former employees of Vlaxco, a pharmaceutical company where the governor once worked with before he went into politics. All these five, including the governor, had been developing a drug called Trexicane, which had promised to be the miracle drug for those with Multiple System Atrophy, and their drug trials did well. However, the company had stopped the production of Trexicane for those with Multiple System Atrophy, and it was redeveloped as a medicine for Asthma.

Based on this information, the team and governor tried to get Vlaxco to give up their records on the drug trials. However, they brought in their lawyers, who delayed the entire process. Happy tried to hack through the system, but it turned out that the drug trial results were not in any of their online databases, leading them to believe that the results were all hard copies. As Helena’s fever was rising, and she was rapidly getting worse, the team decided to break into the company instead.

The plan was that Happy and Toby would create a distraction, while Sylvester, who was capable of memorizing large amounts of facts and figures at the same time, would go to the records room to memorize all the names of those who participated in the drug trial. However, it took some convincing to get Sylvester on board as he was a germaphobe and afraid of anything that was not clean, especially of chemicals that are considered to be biohazards. Walter, in the meantime, would guide Sylvester in the building.

Walter then created a Trojan horse, which he embedded into a pdf file of a flyer of Earl’s Sub Station. Once a person clicks on the coupon attached to it and downloads the file, Walter would be able to gain access to the entire system. They then created a bogus ID for Sylvester by using the information of Jed Hausler. He was picked as he was probably part of the middle management and drove a car that isn’t as fancy as the CEO’s and the big money earners.

While Walter created the fake ID for Sylvester, Paige informed Cabe that Walter had been acting up the entire day. She also revealed that Walter had told her that his sister was well from her sickness, but she had seen the letter on his table revealing that she was still sick. Unbeknowest to the two, Walter heard every single word that they said.

Before Happy and Toby created the distraction for Sylvester, Toby tried to call his ex-fiance again, as he did want to get back together with her. In the car, Happy told him to stop trying. Her trick was to stick to tools and not to humans, as humans always let her down. It turned out that when she was two years old, her father had given her up for adoption.

They were then able to locate Jed’s car and crashed into it. Jed left the building in order to inspect the damage, giving Sylvester some time to sneak into the records room to read all the drug trial files on Trexicane.

Toby tried to stall for time, but it did not work, as his supervisor was already calling him. Thankfully, Sylvester had finished looking at all of the pages of the drug trial records, but he could not walk out the front door again as the guards had already been alerted to the presence of an intruder. Because of this, Walter had to guide Sylvester into his worst nightmare — a room full of chemicals which were all classified as biohazards. All Sylvester had to do was to open the door in order to get out of the building, where they would be waiting for him. However, he found it difficult to touch the handle. As Walter kept on yelling at him, Paige took over and instructed Sylvester to close his eyes and to imagine that he has been giving away his money (as he does not like to keep huge amounts of money), allowing his arm to stretch. She then told him to push down and run towards them. They were able to get out just in the nick of time.

At the office, they set about narrowing down the 50 drug trial patients that had undergone the trial. In the end, they were able to single out a young entrepreneur who had lost everything. However, upon reviewing the files and the patients, Cabe told them that they were looking for a Robert Richter (Erick Avari), whose son had died after the trials concluded. He told them that crimes of passion encompassed a large section in the rulebook and that guy was the one who had lost the most out of the drug trials.

After running a background check on him, they discovered that he was a Microbiology Professor, which gave him access to all the equipment he needed to create a customized virus.

At his office, Walter found that Richter had been using his computer to create model spray patterns. It turned out that he would release the virus into the air by spraying it near the area of the intended victim. The team then started to celebrate as they also found the virus sequences for the other viruses that infected the other victims. With that, the CDC could reverse engineer the virus, creating an antidote for the infected children.

However, Walter discovered that there was a fifth victim. Richter planned to spray another virus to infect the governor with a virus that would stop his heart within minutes. Cabe called the governor in order to inform him but became alarmed when he learned that the governor had left the house. The team then deduced that Richter had called the governor, saying that he had the antidote for his daughter in order to lure him out so that he could kill the governor. Using GPS, they were able to track the two down to Marina Beach Plaza.

Toby was able to spot pair. However, Richter got close enough to spray the governor before he was arrested. Walter then activated the smoke alarm so that water could fall down from the ceiling, effectively dispersing the virus meant to kill the governor.

Back at the office, Cabe had gone into another room in order to talk to Richter. While he was there, his coat had accidentally dialed Walter’s office, and they overheard him talking to Richter. He informed Richter that what he did was not justifiable and revealed that he had lost his daughter when she was young due to an illness.

Paige then told Walter that she understood how he felt about his sister, but she reminded him that it was “okay not to have all the solutions.” She then invited Walter to join her and Ralph for some barbecued burgers, as she had bought him a new telescope. She also invited Cabe to join them, who readily accepted the invitation.

After work, Sylvester decided to donate his money to an orphanage in order to buy the kids something safe to play with.

Happy fiddled with her bike at her home, but despite her faith in her tools, it gave way in her hands.

Toby’s ex-fiance told them that they were truly over decided to spend his money gambling.

Walter visited his sister, Megan, who reassured him that Multiple Sclerosis was her fight and that she was okay. Afterwards, he decided to join Paige, Ralph and Cabe.

Walter noticed that Ralph and Paige were busy at the telescope and asked Cabe for a piece of notebook paper. As he brought out his notebook, a picture of him and his daughter fell out. Walter then approached Paige and handed her a piece of paper of what to say about the constellations they could see through the telescope that would interest Ralph.

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