Scorpion Recap: True Colors

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Scorpion Recap: True Colors
Scorpion TV Series Logo. July 12, 2014.

“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 6 “True Colors” aired last Monday, Oct. 27, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, a simple routine job of upgrading the security of an art museum for an exhibit of a million-dollar painting turned into an investigation, as the team discovered that the painting in the museum was a fake. However, the team’s actions within the 24 hours that they were given the case landed them in the hot seat, as each one underwent a psychological evaluation in order to determine the fate of Scorpion. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a very irate Director Merrick (David Fabrizio), who was furious at the fact that they had damaged private property and broken laws. Because of this, he ordered each one of them to undergo a psychological evaluation in order to determine whether or not Scorpion will continue helping the government.

The psychologist then asked each member of the team to narrate to her what happened in the past 24 hours. According to Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee), the entire thing began when Paige started to talk to Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) about costume options for her genius son, Ralph, as he was having a Halloween party at school. She then discovered that Walter thought that Halloween did not make any sense.

Right on cue, their government handler, Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), told them that they had a new and simple job — they were going to upgrade the security of the West Side Museum of Art, as they were going to have an exhibit featuring an extremely rare painting worth millions of dollars and was on loan from a German museum. On their way to the museum, in their new van, Paige, who loved art and the painting they were going to protect, discovered that Walter did not like art at all as it did not make sense to him, especially as he does not really have emotions and openly criticized the painting. Paige then suggested that Walter should try, as an experiment, to be interested in the job and to act like a “normal functional person in society.”

Paige then explained to the psychologist that geniuses have low emotional quotients but are brilliant in their own way. To this, the psychologist saw that she was protecting her own job. Paige then insisted that they were not mentally unstable, as she allowed Ralph to be around them, but as the psychologist pointed out, Ralph “was them.”

Walter’s attempt at trying to be excited and happy to be working with Curator Paulson (Raphael Sbarge) failed, as it did not come out well. Walter and the team then converged in front of the painting, as they had spotted something interesting. Then without a warning, Walter ripped the canvas of the painting in order to efficiently check the front and the back of the canvas. He explained to the psychologist and to Cabe that he was simply being efficient.

The team then spent one hour before FBI Special Agent Elise Carey of Art Crimes confirmed that it was a forgery. The team had known it was a fake as soon as they saw it because of several markers. Firstly, world class behaviorist Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) noticed that Paige, who loved the painting, did not really like it, as her subconscious had known that something was off with the painting. Secondly, human calculator Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) saw that the number of brush strokes on the painting were less than the original painting. Lastly, mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) noted that the nails on the frame were made after the time the painting had originally been made. This caused them the security upgrade job, but Special Agent Carey asked to stay on the case as they had told her that the painting had been done by machine. They were tasked with finding the machine that had done the forgery so that they could track down the forger, while the FBI would concentrate on figuring out who had swapped the paintings, as it had been in the country that morning when it was authenticated at LAX.

Cabe then brought them to Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (Linda Hunt), as she would be able to help them out, as they had to act quickly because most stolen art usually gets smuggled out of the country within 24 hours. According to the information on the painting, the painting had been taken away from the original owners — the Muellers — and had been in a museum ever since. They informed Hetty that that they needed to find out where they could find a high resolution image of the painting, as whoever forged it needed a good picture of the painting. Then from there, a 3D scan of the painting would be made. After that, a spectral camera would come up with a breakdown of the colors, which would then be mixed by a 3D printer and be painted by a machine arm. They were able to access the Royal Stuart museum, as Hetty had an account there, and found out that the picture had been accessed by an employee of Galactic Toys. This delighted Sylvester to no end as his favorite superhero’s comics, Super Fun Guy, was created and printed there. As the company printed comics, it meant that they had the technology to pull it off.

In the van, they discovered that the employee in question was Phil Daniels. While Cabe went inside Galactic Toys, Phil escaped through an open window. Walter went out to chase him, while Sylvester ran inside to “look” for Cabe, and Happy pursued the suspect with the van. In the end, Cabe was able to catch him, while Sylvester came up to them, wearing a Super Fun Guy T-shirt, and the van had been covered by chicken feathers.

At the psychologist’s office, Sylvester explained to the psychologist that he had too much emotions but is able to work well with the team as Walter keeps him focused on the work. Toby also tells the psychologist that he is in the good hands of Walter, as he was the one who pulled him out of his gambling addiction.

Thanks to Toby, they discovered that Phil had been paid by a wealthy and powerful man named Jacques Labeaux, who had a huge electricity bill for a climate controlled room in the house. Happy deduced that it was a wine cellar, but Toby insisted that it was used to store stolen art. Cabe then left in order to inform the FBI about it and told them to stay put. However, Walter decided to infiltrate Labeaux’s house as he was going to be holding a charity gala that night. He deduced that since there would be a lot of equipment going in and out, that would be the perfect opportunity to smuggle out the real one. As they were defying Cabe’s orders, they went to Hetty for help. She gave them clothes to wear, and the gear that they needed to complete their mission.

At the party, Walter and Paige came in as a couple. Walter, who did not know some social cues during an event like that, such as opening Paige’s door and allowing her to hold the crook of his arm, struggled to do so. They were able to get into the gala easily, as Walter hacked the system and placed them on the list. After Sylvester’s signal, who was in the van, Paige and Walter unlocked the kitchen door so that Happy and Toby, who were dressed as waiters, could enter.

Paige and Walter had to dance with each other, much to Walter’s chagrin, as they had to be beside Labeaux for three whole minutes in order to clone his phone. However, as the download was interrupted, Walter and Paige had to continue to dance. Things became a little bit more complicated when Labeaux asked Paige to dance. Walter then slipped the cloning device at the back of her dress in order to complete the download. However, during that duration, Walter kept on asking Sylvester how much time was left to finish the download and eagerly collected Paige after the download was complete.

Meanwhile, Happy and Toby had managed to hack into the storage room. There, after Toby knocked down a rack of wine, they discovered that the storage room was really just a wine cellar. As this had alerted the guards, Sylvester crashed the electrical system in Labeaux’s house to provide enough cover for Happy, Toby, Walter and Paige to safely exit.

Walter then surprised Paige, as he seemed to show some concern for the painting, as he knew that it would be out of the country in less than 24 hours. They then discovered that Labeaux had made a lot of phone calls to the museum curator, Paulson, which meant that two have been partners in the heist of this painting. They then discovered that the painting was going to be smuggled out of the country via a freighter that was going to leave for Shanghai. Because of this, they called Cabe with the news. However, before they left to stop Paulson, Walter handed a note to Paige and told her to take the van and to go to Hetty, as she would understand what to do.

At this point, the psychologist learned that even if Walter changed the plans, there was always a plan, and they trusted him as they all believed in him.

On the road, Walter told Cabe that they would disable the engine of the car at the bridge, where Cabe could arrest him and would find the painting in the trunk. However, after Cabe arrested Paulson, the car and the painting blew up.

After this, Walter stood up and started to leave as the story was finished. The psychologist then informed him that she had borrowed the cloning device from the evidence room, as no amount of jostling the device caused it to malfunction, deduced that Walter himself had reset the device so that he could continue dancing with Paige. However, Walter told her that he would never deliberately sabotage the mission.

Afterwards, they learned from Cabe that she had passed them, as they were able to get the job done. Cabe then informed Walter that the psychologist had passed them because Walter had shown that he had “empathy for his team members,” which was why he created a purpose and a “family for each of them.”  

 Cabe then realized that several things did not add up in the story, as they never made mistakes when it comes to gadgets. He deduced that Walter had given the painting back to the Mueller family, to whom the painting belonged. In fact, the team, while they watched Paulson, had switched the paintings in the trunk. Thanks to Hetty, they were able to return it to the Muellers. Hetty then noticed that even if Walter thought that art was “meaningless,” he had understood the connection the family had to the painting, especially as she had noticed that Walter had looked at Paige in a loving way.

Later that day, even if they did not believe in Halloween, they gave Ralph a costume for his party- a brain. The team then dressed up to accompany Ralph to his party. Walter went as Cabe, Happy went as a cat, Sylvester went as Super Fun Guy, and Toby went as Sigmund Freud.

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