For Scott Snyder, Ben Affleck is the “Perfect Personification of Batman”

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
For Scott Snyder, Ben Affleck is the “Perfect Personification of Batman”

“Batman v. Superman” director Zack Snyder honored Batman co-creator Bob Kane by speaking movingly about Kane’s indelible contribution to to the comic-book world recently. Snyder was present at the ceremony to inaugurate Kane’s (highly belated) Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Read on for more details.

Snyder spoke at length about the art of creating a Batman, and about his vision for Kane’s classic character. You can listen to his full length speech in the video, via Comic Book Movie:

Here are the high points of what Snyder said:

On Creating the Bat-suit, and Putting Affleck in it:

In his speech, Zack Snyder describes the ‘meticulous’ process of designing a bat-suit for his Batman with his costume designer Michael Wilkinson, a process that took him months. But the final aesthetic, according to Snyder, was worth it:

“..we had built a set of an alley, graffiti, barrels with fire, steamy stuff, and it was this very kind of noir-ish setting to film our Batman for the first time. Ben put the suit on and we put him in front of the camera and I was just having him turn and look around looking Batman-ish, and it was amazing because I felt in that moment that I had achieved this goal that I had set out for myself. When I looked at Ben, he was the perfect personification of the Batman I had in my mind.”

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On the Differences Between Snyder-Bat and Nolan-Bat:

Expanding further after the ceremony in his interview to Comic Book Resources, Snyder said that he had a ‘fabric-based’ vision for his Batman, more in keeping with the original comics, than the Nolan-verse’s armored Batman.

Snyder’s Batman is also different from Nolan’s in being older, and more ‘battle-weary’, the director admitted.

On Being Influenced by Dark Knight Returns:

Fans have been questioning exactly how much of an influence Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” exerts  on “Batman v. Superman”: both have eerily similar Bat-suits, both feature an older Batman taking on Superman. But Snyder insists his movie is ‘not an adaptation’, stating that they could still make a DKR movie if they wanted to. According to Snyder, Millar was a big influence on his shaping of the Batman, and he used certain visual elements as homage to the writer.

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On Being Batman:

Finally, Snyder explains movingly what it means to be Batman:

“He’s a man. He’s all of us. I think that’s it. We all carry around a hero inside of ourselves every day. It’s that guy. It’s Batman. I thank Bob for that. we all owe him a debt of gratitude. In that hero that we carry around, we realize that the hero is us, because he’s just the man. In truth, we are all the Batman.”

Snyder’s vision will be finally realized when “Batman v. Superman” grapple-guns its way into theaters on March 25, 2016.

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