Scream Recap: Hello, Emma.

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Scream Recap: Hello, Emma.
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Scream” Season 1 Episode 2 “Hello, Emma” aired on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on MTV. In the pilot episode, another person died, causing Emma Duvall (Willa Fitzgerald) to blame herself for having allowed Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne)  to spread the video. As Riley Marra (Brianne Tju) and Noah Foster (John Karna) got closer to each other, Will Belmont (Connor Weil) stepped up and tried to win Emma back. More was revealed about Emma’s missing father, and a reporter who creates podcasts about crimes was introduced. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Rachel Murray (Sosie Bacon) cutting her arm with a blade. It was after reading all the cyber bullying comments on the video of her and Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus) that had already been removed. She then got a call from Audrey but got scared after hearing some strange sounds from within the house. At the balcony, she noticed that the chair was rocking and saw a rope with an empty noose. Then, Lakewood’s newest murderer hung her from the balcony.

The next morning, Emma was greeted by Brooke Maddox (Carlson Young) and Riley Marra (Brianne Tju). She hadn’t noticed as she had been listening to a podcast created by Piper Shaw  (Amelia Rose Blaire) called “Autopsy of the Crime,” where she, a reporter, talked about several cases. Brooke and Emma then reconciled regarding what had happened the other night.

Meanwhile, Will Belmont (Connor Weil) told Jake Fitzgerald (Tom Maden) that he was going to try to get Emma back. It was especially as he was having a big game that Saturday. Jake, after discovering that someone had spray painted the word “Doosh” on his truck, went after Noah Foster (John Karna), who, along with Audrey, was being interviewed regarding Nina by Piper. Noah denied doing it, but he had done it the night before and had gotten covered in red spray paint because of it. Before going to school, Noah had been questioned by Sheriff Hudson Clark. He revealed that due to a report he had done before, he had contacted Brandon James’ older brother, Troy, but never found out who Daisy was, and hadn’t contacted Emma’s father, the only remaining survivor of that night. It was because Emma was his classmate and because Kevin Duvall was nowhere to be found.

Before class started, Noah managed to talk to Riley. They talked about stargazing out in the open field. Meanwhile, Kieran saved Emma from talking to Will, who was trying to apologize to her.

During class, Noah told everyone that the killer had sent everyone that GIF of Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne) in order to show off what he had done. However, the class got disrupted after Riley discovered that a girl from a nearby school had died- Rachel.

Because of this, Emma began to feel like her death was her fault. She hadn’t stopped Nina from filming Audrey and Rachel together, and more especially so after she heard a few schoolmates talking about how whoever posted the video was the “new Nina.”

Distraught, Audrey decided to post a tribute video to Rachel on the internet.

Later that day, Emma went to her job at the coffee shop and met Piper, who was doing her work there. Later that night, while throwing the trash out in the alleyway, Emma was spooked after a hooded figure came towards her. After running off, she almost knocked Will out with a wooden beam after he popped up, as he had received a text message which she hadn’t sent. Afterwards, the two came clean about their indiscretions towards  each other.

Afterwards, she gave her mother some coffee at the morgue, and after seeing Rachel’s body, confessed to being there when the video of her had been filmed. Afterwards, Margaret “Maggie” Duvall (Tracy Middendorf) told the sheriff that based on her findings, it seems that Rachel hadn’t committed suicide by hanging herself on her ceiling fan.

During the game, Brooke hooked up with her English teacher, and Emma, who attended the game, which caused Will to play well, became suspicious of Will after Kieran Wilcox (Kieran Serafini) suggested that it was suspicious that Will had popped up that fast the night before.

Meanwhile, while Audrey filmed the game, Noah and Riley stargazed on the football field and kissed.

At home, Emma became scared after her kitchen door alarm rang as it had been opened. After receiving a call from the security company, she realized that it was the mysterious caller again. He wondered if she had just locked him inside the house with her. He then told her that he would show her the terrible truth about everyone in her life, and hung up.

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