‘Scream’ TV Series Spoilers and 5 Things To Expect

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Scream’ TV Series Spoilers and 5 Things To Expect

“Scream,” the TV series that aired on 30 June, 2015 on MTV has eight main characters – Emma Duvall, Audrey Jensen, Noah Foster, Maggie Duvall, Will Belmont, Kieran Wilcox, Brooke Maddox, and Clark Hudson. The TV show is based on the storyline of “Scream” franchise, an American horror film series created by Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven. The franchise had “Scream” part 1 – 4 in movies and to add extra thrill and longer killing a TV show is released instead of “Scream 5”.

*Spoiler Alert!*

“Scream” TV series has Bella Thorne playing Nina Patterson. Well, the TV show follows “Scream” movie style opening and takes no time in killing off Bella Thorne’s character. According to Wikia, the character of Bella Thorne as Nina Patterson is recurring, so, she is going to come back!

“Scream” TV series is looking forward to pumping new life in the whole “Scream” franchise. It will have a lot of twist and turns with fans dwelling in life of their favorite characters but wait, they will be killed off!

Here are 5 things you can expect to happen in “Scream” TV Series:

  1. Many things will be picked from the “Scream” franchise previous movies.
  2. No more calling up on to-be-victim’s cell phone – New technologies will be used to kill preys!
  3. Lesser killing than Game of Thrones – Since its going to be a whole TV Series now, fans will get to be attached with character but wait, don’t do that! They will be killed!
  4. New mask will be used – The four “Scream” movies used the same mask, but this time in TV series a new mask will be used. Well, they are not going to use something which has been made fun at the spoof movie “Scary Movie.”
  5. The “Scream” TV series will too have the mother’s history and it’s far reaching consequences just like the “Scream” movie.

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