A Screaming Quarrel Of Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Over Chris Martin at Comic-Con

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
A Screaming Quarrel Of Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Over Chris Martin at Comic-Con

Comic-Con viewed a fussy moment when Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Hoult, former couple and cast members of “X-Men: Apocalypse‘” indulged in public screaming. Read on.

Sugar Scape reported that the said argument took place when Hoult tried to win back his ex- girlfriend actress during a dinner party in San Diego during Comic-Con festival.

“Jen was clearly upset with the topic of conversation. She angrily threw her hands up in the air as she yelled at Nick. Next thing you know, he starts screaming too. It was quite a heated argument – she finally walked out on him,” the outlet reported.

The fans were full of high hope that the relationship between Lawrence, who plays as Mystique, and Hoult, who plays as the Beast, is will take a positive turn when a cozy picture of them at the “Apocalypse” set was posted along with director Bryan Singer.

After a heated argument, Lawrence headed to Entertainment Weekly party but a few minutes later Hoult was right behind her. A dirty look was exchanged between “The Hunger Game” star and her ex- boyfriend who even refused to sit beside Hoult in a cabana.

Lawrence was planning to marry her present boyfriend and “Coldplay” frontman Chris Martin. It may appear that he is to be blamed for giving Comic-Con a spicy gossip.

Martin and Lawrence were having a relationship for quite set of time. Though there were reports of their break up yet they were caught spending time on early week of July together in the New York City.

The Bill Engvall Show-favorite brought Hoult and Lawrence together, but Lawrence had no time, as she was working non-stop at that time.

It was further reported that that 24-year old actress got tired with 38-year old musician, however, they were spotted together at U2 concert and after-party in Los Angeles in early June.

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Photo Source: Jennifer Lawrence/Facebook

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