Seagal to Help Train Arpaio Posse

By admin | 6 years ago

Arizona’s toughest sheriff, as he calls himself, is turning to a Hollywood action star for help. Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County, and a hardliner on immigration has announced that Steven Seagal the star of numerous martial arts action movies will be in charge of a training session about shootings that take place at schools, at Arpaio’s request.

Seagal will be training volunteers that work for the sheriff and are referred to as the “posse.” There are over 3,500 members of the group that helps with a number of different issues, said Arpaio. One of their responsibilities is patrolling malls at the height of Christmas shopping season.

Arpaio decided it would be a good transition to have them start patrolling the area schools. Arpaio says the group would patrol the schools’ perimeters as a prevention measure.

The massacre that took place in December in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary raised the consciousness of the nation about threats on school grounds. President Obama called for gun controls to be tighter and the National Rifle Association recommended that armed guards be placed in schools.

Last week, sheriff deputies in Maricopa arrested a boy who was 16 years of age who they accused of threatening to shoot a fellow student and for being in possession of a loaded handgun.

Arpaio hopes that Seagal’s classes will help the volunteers if they are present during a school shooting. The training classes will be active real life scenarios and guns will be carried by posse members during the training, but the firearms will not be loaded.

Seagal who is 60 has worked in law enforcement before, including as a deputy in Louisiana and in New Mexico; in a small county that patrols part of the border between the U.S. and Mexico.


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