Sean Lowe Fears He’s Failing As A Husband To Catherine Giudici

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Sean Lowe Fears He’s Failing As A Husband To Catherine Giudici
Not all things have been sweet between the ‘Bachelor Nation’ couple

Fairy tales do end at some point. Sean Lowe seems to be learning this the hard way, as he admits in an episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap” that he is failing his duties as a husband towards his wife Catherine Giudici. The couple got married a year after getting together during season 17 of “Bachelor Nation” in 2013. Read on for more details.

Actor Sean Lowe, 31, recently gave a candid interview for the ABC television show “Celebrity Wife Swap,” and admitted that he was failing as a husband in his marriage with Catherine Giudici, 29. The couple have been married for over a year, and for Lowe to feel this way now is certainly not what anyone would have expected.

Lowe and Giudici swapped spouses with Jason and Molly Mesnick on “Celebrity Wife Swap,” and Molly Mesnick, runner up of “Bachelor Nation Season 13.” US Magazine reported on Catherine’s manual of instructions for the show, which reads, “As a new resident of Dallas, I don’t get to venture out as much as I’d like. I feel like I live in this town, but I haven’t made it my own. Sean and I tend to go to the same few places and see the same people. I feel like we’re living in a bubble.” More surprising was Lowe’s grudging admission that he was, indeed, failing as a husband.

Molly Mesnick, according to the MailOnline, was quite supportive, and let Lowe know that this was exactly the point of it all, and that he was finally opening his eyes to the problem. That was the first step he needed to take in order to make the marriage work again. We might have to agree with Mrs. Mesnick on that!

Let us hope the couple finds a way to make the marriage work again, and make a point that despite the lows, a couple can work hard and stay together.

Sean Lowe is set to appear in the 2016 film “Bomb City.”

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