The Search for Jeremy Clarkson’s Replacement on ‘Top Gear;’ Here Are 5 Favorite Choices

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Search for Jeremy Clarkson’s Replacement on ‘Top Gear;’ Here Are 5 Favorite Choices
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Top Gear | Who will replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear?

The smoke and dust have yet to settle on “Top Gear” several days after BBC announced that it has fired its long-time presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, for allegedly beating up a producer of the show. As the fate of “Top Gear” remains uncertain, with some episodes still left for airing, there’s also the obvious matter that the show needs to address immediately: who will take over Clarkson’s job as host? Read on for more details.

Reports say that his co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, may not be returning to the series following Clarkson’s ouster, thus none of them could step up as possible main host. The dilemma is definitely putting a huge dent on one of the highly followed TV shows around the world. But here are some candidates the public thinks may have a shot at hosting “Top Gear.”

  1. CHRIS EVANS. The host of the breakfast show on Radio Two is apparently a huge favorite among bookies, as reported by News.Com.Au. Like Clarkson, Evans has a reputation for being outspoken and direct, giving “Top Gear” that certain edge and vibe that viewers want. He’s also into cars and is an avid Ferrari collector.
  2. DERMOT O’LEARY. After announcing that he’s leaving “The X Factor” series, the internet thinks O’Leary should take over Clarkson’s spot on “Top Gear.” Bookmakers said that the odds for O’Leary have jumped overnight. He’s fast becoming a top favorite, but his reps have been firm in saying that there are no confirmations yet, according to Express UK.
  3. VICKI BUTLER-HENDERSON. Some quarters believe it’s time for a woman to host “Top Gear” as the car show is also very popular among the female market. Vicki is not only Clarkson’s good friend and a constant guest in the popular series, she’s also a car enthusiast and a racer. Besides that, she has the experience, having hosted a similar show, “Fifth Gear,” on Channel 5.
  4. ROWAN ATKINSON. No one is trying to make a joke at this suggestion, because Atkinson, otherwise known worldwide as the weird and funny Mr. Bean, is also an avid car enthusiast and has been on “Top Gear” as guest, too. His age, wisdom, overall demeanor and candor can definitely breathe new life into the show. So, why not him?
  5. JEREMY CLARKSON. There’s buzz going around that Clarkson will, in fact, be returning to take reigns of the show again, if only this whole thing will die down already. The show’s official website is optimistic that things will get back to normal, and there are still plenty to look forward to for its 2016 season…possibly with the original presenter back where he belongs.

So, what about you? Who do you think should host “Top Gear”?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Top Gear

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