Search warrant issued; Cops raid Justin Bieber’s house over the egg-ing incident

By admin | 4 years ago

Ooo! Looks like Biebs has gotten himself in a lot of trouble — again! Reports coming in state that a search warrant has been issued to search Justin Bieber’s place. The star was part of an alleged egg-ing where he doled out a lot of eggs at the house of his neighbor in his home town, Calabasas, California.

As we have delivered to you the news about the alleged incident, the star almost certainly threw eggs at his neighbor’s house after which there was a heated exchange of words between the two.

To our surprise, the Baby singer did 20k in damages and is looking at a potential felony charge as well. What I want to know is how the heck do you cause 20k worth of damage by EGGS? HOW? Someone riddle me that.

A search warrant has been granted to the Los Angeles County Sheriff department in relation to the investigation.

Early this morning, ELEVEN patrol cars arrived at Bieber’s Calabasas mansion and officers are looking for further evidence of the egging.

They are hoping to find surveillance footage from Bieber’s own home, for example, that may have captured the food-based attack. They have already viewed the video recorded by the neighbor.

The reason the search is a big issue is due to the fact that anything illicit found at Bieber’s place will wind up getting him in even more trouble and we are aware of the fact that Biebs has a soft spot for the occasional marijuana joint.

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We’ll just wish Bieber the best of luck for his case and we hope that the matter is resolved peacefully with the least amount of trouble to both parties.

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