The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

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The last time we saw the Governor, he went on a wild killing spree on a roadside. In tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, ‘Live Bait’, the Governor is a broken man who has now lost his family and seems to have lost all his purpose in life. Sure enough, the man with the broken heart, as he had failed to protect his family and managed to lose an eye during the process trails on the streets ignoring a handful of apocalyptic zombies who could’ve done a better job jawing at him.

However, he possibly finds some redemption with a surrogate family of survivors. What’s more unusual is that, hero lawman, Rick Grimes is nowhere to be seen. Nor have we seen anybody from the West Georgia correctional facility. This is the first episode of the entire series that hasn’t featured any of them.

This episode solely focuses on Governor, who seems to have been simply, broken down and disintegrated. He has a short flashback of driving away with lackeys Martinez and Shumpert from the roadside massacre, however he is distracted by the motion of a walker approaching him but Governor remains still, motionless, not one single movement as he sees the walker approaching him and tripping over the fire wood, grunting and crawling towards him still. Martinez shoots the zombie and saves him. Next morning, the Governor wakes up and finds himself alone and his companions gone.

He walks on alone, his condition almost as bad as the walkers themselves who in fact sniff at him and seem barely interested. His will have to live on perishes as he falls to the floor. But he sees this young child who looks a lot like his own deceased daughter, Penny. Could it be? Or was his mind just playing tricks on him? The sudden reminder drives him and he pushes on into the building to where the girl is and finds himself on the front door of an apartment with 4 people huddled inside and completely hostile towards him.

The girl he saw, Megan, is real, and she’d holed up there with her youngish mother, Lilly, the mother’s sister, Tara, and their father, a truck driver for the fictitious Gorbelli Company who grabbed everybody when the world started falling apart and brought them here. The truck was filled with food, and it’s parked outside, so they have a good-sized supply.

They grill him, and even though he says almost nothing, they decide to let him stay the night, with his nickel plated berretta in their possession just to be extra careful. Lilly, is clearly interested in him, maybe she sees something in him but its more likely that she’s been hold up in that tiny space for too long and now finally sees a man close to her age group. However, her sister, Tara does not let guard down.

From this point onwards I think almost everyone can see where this would lead to. The Governor makes himself useful as the family’s father is suffering from stage 4 lung cancer and the little girl, Megan is severely traumatized by the apocalypse and only responds to her grandfather (barely) until of course, the Governor shows up.

The Governor picks up the grandfather up and carries him to his bed. He makes his way upstairs to retrieve a back gammon set that the grandfather requested where upon Governor finds the grandfather’s friend who apparently tried and failed to put an end to it all. Governor’s duty isn’t over yet as he is requested by Lilly to go to the hospital near by (filled with walkers) and retrieve a couple of oxygen tanks for her father.

He makes himself the most useful when the grandfather dies. Lilly calls Megan in to pay her respects, “He’s gone,” she says. “I think he’s been gone for a while.” The Governor realizes what the girls don’t! poor old grandfather is going to turn. The Governor tries to shuffle them out but they don’t and eventually in the next few seconds, the deceased grandpa lunges at Tara whereupon Governor grabs one of the oxygen tanks and smashes his face in.

The 4 of them now hit the road which breaks down on the way forcing them to walk. While they’re walking, they come across a herd of zombies. Governor grabs Megan and shoots for the woods but falls down into a muddy put which holds three walkers. Governor does a fantastic job of wasting them with his bare hands. It is at that moment that a father who lost his daughter and a daughter who lost her father embrace each other, surrogates for each other’s heartbreak. “I’m never going to let anything happen to you” he says. This man, now, is not the Governor, this man is what he used to be, Phillip Blake.

“Holy S—” somebody says, and as he looks up, the Phillip finds Martinez, it looks like his old life is going to cross paths with his new one.

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