‘Secrets and Lies’ Season 2 Has Found Its New Leading Man

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Secrets and Lies’ Season 2 Has Found Its New Leading Man
Photo source: Secrets and Lies Facebook Page

Let’s take a moment of silence as we bid goodbye to Ryan Philippe’s character and his shirtless scenes in “Secrets and Lies” because the second season of the show has found its new leading man… and he’s hot, too! Read on for more details.

According to Deadline, Michael Ealy (“The Following”) has just been cast to play the lead for Season 2 and he’s starring opposite Juliette Lewis, who was part of the first season. Lewis will be reprising her role as Detective Andrea Cornell and she’s about to take on a new case.

Ealy will play the role of Eric Warner who will be involved in the murder of his wife. His character is described as a hard-working and well-educated man. Aside from that, he’s also the heir to their family’s private equity firm in Charlotte, NC. However, tragedy struck just when things are going well when his wife was murdered.

Ealy signed a one-year deal for “Secrets and Lies” since the show’s aim is to deliver new cases and new characters per season.

He also previously starred in “Almost Human” and “Sleeper Cell.” Ealy also has an upcoming movie “The Perfect Guy” opening this September 2015.

It’s sad that Philippe’s going but he did give us an awesome first season and it’s time that we welcome another hot leading man in the show. Is this going to be the show’s “thing?” Hot leading men and awesome storylines? Well, we are definitely not complaining and we are looking forward to the second season of “Secrets and Lies!”

What do you think of Ealy? Are you excited for “Secrets and Lies” Season 2? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Secrets and Lies Official Facebook Page


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