Secrets & Lies Premiere Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Secrets & Lies Premiere Recap
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Another small-town murder mystery has premiered on ABC and it’s no other than “Secrets & Lies” starring Ryan Philippe. So, how did the first two-episode premiere go? Read below for the full recaps.

The episode opened with our protagonist, Ryan Philippe’s Be. He’s running in the rain in the wee hours of the morning shouting for help. It was odd at first and kind of eerie why a man like this is screaming for help during that time. It was made clear to us when the scene changed and we saw cops looking at a dead body of boy. The boy Ben’s neighbor’s son and his daughter babysits him.

Detective Cornell asked to speak with Ben. She asked what she was doing out that time. Ben said that he was unable to sleep so he went for a run to rid himself of the alcohol in his body as well. Ben wanted to talk to the boy’s mother , but Cornell advised him not to.

Ben went to work that day. When he got home he was shocked to see his house surrounded by media people but he didn’t talk to them. We learned that the night before Ben went out with his friend Dave. It was because he got a fight with his wife and he got pretty drunk that he couldn’t remember anything. After dinner that night, Ben tried calling Jess, the boy’s mother but no one answered. And we also observed that Ben’s family is falling apart, so is his marriage with Christy.

The next day Ben was in for a shocking surprise. Cornell was there with some cops who took him in to question him and at the same time, get his DNA sample. His lawyer friend was there to help him and advised him not to provide them his DNA. People have been speculating that Ben killed the boy.His daughter is being bombarded by such rumor especially through social media.

Ben went to Jess but before they could talk Cornell showed up. Cornell showed them pictures of flashlights and Ben said that he has one like that for his birthday, which his wife got him. When they went to check Ben’s truck, the flashlight was missing. Then he saw a motorcycle across the street but when he checked it out they drove away. The next day, Cornells demands to question Ben more about the incident. It was shocking because the cops were searching their house with the consent of his wife.

People and the media were attacking Ben because he wouldn’t give them a DNA sample. Pissed, he finally gave them his DNA sample. That night, Ben asked Christy if she told Cornell that they had a fight the other night, but she said no. When he went for a run the next day he saw “child killer” spray painted on his fence. He cleaned it up and when he went to work that day he was surprised that his employed gave him his full pay and told him that they will no longer need his services. He tried applying, but no one seemed to want to hire him.

He got called in at the precinct again for further questioning. It was revealed that his DNA matches the child’s and asked if he had an affair with Jess. It turns out he did, and his wife knows about it, which explains their marriage on the rocks.

Jess showed up and Ben asked if she knew about this and Jess said not until that day. Ben told her that he would never hurt Tom and Jess said she knows and knows who did it. Jess thinks her husband did it, who was very angry with her and her son. Ben told Christy that Jess believes him and thinks it was Scott who did it. Jess couldn’t believe it because he finds Scott to be really nice.

When they discovered what killed the boy, which is blunt trauma, it looks like he was killed by Ben’s flashlight. Ben said to get Scott and demanded a lie detector test, which they did and the lawyer advised Ben to get a criminal defense attorney. When he got home, he overheard his daughter talking on the phone regarding a meetup. When he tried calling it back he was surprised that it was a guy on the other line. He stalked his daughter. he found out that she was meeting Scott and they were holding hands. Ben tried to break it off but his daughter said that Scott was nice.

It turns out that Scott gave Natalie something to put on Tom’s grave. She was then reprimanded not to see Scott anymore. The day of the funeral was about to happen when Ben got a call from Jess who was so emotional. He came over with Christy’s permission and Jess tried to kiss him but he said that he is not the answer to her grief. The day of the funeral came. We saw one of the neighbors looking oddly at Ben who we think has a story behind it with a special needs child started demanding for someone named Tyler, again, there seems to be a story behind it, too.

The episode ended with Scott threatening to kill Ben that if he doesn’t go to prison he would kill him for ruining his family.

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