Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: The Cop

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: The Cop
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In the latest episode of “Secrets and Lies” Season 1, Episode 12 “The Cop” Ben has just entangled himself too much deeper trouble when he tried to unravel Detective Cornell’s secrets and when he tried to hide “evidence.” Read below for the full recap.

After Fenton told Ben that Cornell is using her badge by creating vendettas against suspects, Ben went to a local prison to get some information on the latest person that Cornell placed there. He was surprised to discover Cornell’s daughter, Jennifer locked up. Jennifer told Ben that her mom put her in jail for 18 months for doing drugs. Ben told her that her mom accuses her of killing a child. She then told Ben of a similar case that her mother handled, the Seth Goring case who was accused of strangling a little girl. He was never convicted and even told Ben that her mom is still obsessed with him.

When he left the prison, of course, Cornell, was there and was so pissed because he went to her daughter. She then took him to the station and inside a room full of evidence from Tom’s murder. Ben was surprised that there is a photo of a flashlight among the other photos. Yes, the flashlight that he wrapped in Christmas wrapper and hid in a backpack in his garage is there.

After that, Ben went home and told Dave that Cornell has another flashlight. He even talked about how he’s going to get rid of the flashlight in his garage loudly in his home. So he took it to his brother-in-law’s house, Michael for the Christmas party together with other gifts. He then decided to get rid of it when he dropped his family off the mall for some last minute gift shopping. First he parked his car in a very well-lit mall parking lot, ran into the woods and buried the flashlight under some loose pine needles. From here we already know this is a bad idea and obviously a stupid one.

When he got out of the woods Christy was waiting for him who asked him what he was doing there and he said the lamest excuse ever – he took a “leak.” Christy didn’t buy this of course and she also noticed that he was carrying a backpack when he emerged from the woods. Still, she didn’t press on this until the Christmas party and Michael has a bit of an OCD problem noticed that there’s one present missing. Christy knows it’s with Ben so she asked him to tell her the truth or leave and Ben left.

On his way home he was pulled over by a cop who just told him to stay away from another cop’s daughter. Well, that was close considering the fact that the backpack is in the car. When he got home he told Dave everything including where he buried the flashlight.

He went to Seth Goring’s family to extract more information. He was surprised to find that Seth’s wife was the woman whom we saw yelling at Cornell in Episode 5 screaming “You destroyed my husband!” She told him that Cornell accused her husband of killing a young girl along with other “compulsions.” Cornell just wouldn’t let it go and that led to Seth ending his own life just last week.

Then he went to Fenton. He told him the story so he would publish it to expose Cornell and the truth behind Seth. When he left Fenton’s he found a woman named Linda dropping off an envelope and then rushing off. Later that day, Seth’s son showed up at Ben’s house and was so mad at Ben for exposing their story because his father was guilty and with that story out everybody knows now.

After that, Cornell showed up and took him to the parking lot where it was infested with a lot of cops looking for something. Then he saw Linda there and that’s when he realized that Fenton and Linda are working together. A lawyer named Elliot Weston, a criminal lawyer, came to Ben and said that someone paid him to represent him.

After that whole thing, Cornell showed Ben surveillance footage from the cab Ben took the night of the murder and it showed him getting out of the cab at Jess’ house. She told him that he’s either lying or he blacked out that he doesn’t remember anything.

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