Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: Episode 3

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: Episode 3
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After the mindboggling premiere of “Secrets And Lies,” Episode 3 began with more mind games. Not that we’re complaining, though because as far as crime dramas go, we love it when it allows us to think and get surprised in the end. The tangled web of secrets in this TV show is something that you really want to get lost into after seeing the premiere. Read on for more details

So what happened in this episode? Let’s start with Natalie, who’s 16 years old and Ben’s daughter who asked permission to go to Cooper’s party, who turns out to be her boyfriend. Of course, Ben didn’t allow her. Christy shot Natalie a private look but she did agree with Ben though about not letting Natalie go to the party.

Then there was Christy who was all dressed up. She told him that she’s going to a company Christmas party. This got Ben all suspicious, but he didn’t act on it right away. It was until Christy left the house again all dressed up claiming that she was going to meet a client.

Ben went to Jess’ house to ask her how she was holding up. She asked how Scott knows the truth behind him and Tom. Jess said that the only person she told about that was her sister, who hasn’t been answering her calls recently. So Jen and Bess headed to Nicole only to catch Nicole having sex with Scott.

Scott got arrested as a suspect for Tom’s murder. While there, Jess asked if Scott has finally admitted to killing Tom. Cornell said no and turned her gaze on Ben. She really seems determined to get Ben locked up, which is very strange.

Dave and Natalie had an inappropriate wrestling match while putting in the Christmas lights. Ben saw so he excused himself and went out to his truck to get the ladder. When he opened it, the flashlight that was in the scene of the crime of Tom’s murder rolled out so he hid it in a backpack and placed it in a cabinet.

After his run the next day, he found Cornell in his garage who was looking for the receipt of his missing flashlight. Christy was more than happy to help. She went to the garage and opened the cabinet where Ben placed the backpack where the flashlight is. Luckily, they were able to find the receipt. Ben was able to put the backpack in a different place and ensure that it’s safe by wrapping it up.

The next day he found a bicycle bell that he was supposed to give to Tom. Instead, he went to Tom’s grave to put it there and he was surprised to find Scott there. It was also surprising that the two managed to have a civil conversation. The reason why Scott was let out of jail was because he had an alibi during Tom’s murder.

Back in Ben and Christy’s marriage, Ben found a pregnancy test and assumed that it was Christy’s. He asked Dave to help him out. Dave said that the pregnancy test belongs to Natalie and he also found out that Natalie still went to Cooper’s party. Ben gatecrashed the party. Cooper wasn’t happy about it that he punched his girlfriend’s dad. Ben said the wrong words to him, “If you ever come near my daughter again, I’ll kill you.” And just like a predator, Cornell was able to pick that up right away and use it against Ben. What’s the deal, woman?

After that, Ben went to Dave’s house and found Natalie’s body glitter all over his place especially on his bed. Ben freaked out and of course Cornell was there to see it all.

What do you think if the deal between Dave and Natalie? How about Christy? And what about Cornell, what is she really up to? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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