Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: The Sister

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: The Sister
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The tangle of webs and secrets that we are into in “Secrets and Lies” is just exhilarating and intriguing at the same time. And in Episode 4 “The Sister” we dive into a possible new suspect and more mysteries started resurfacing. Read on.

The episode kicked off with Ben watching news about Tom’s murder. A FBI profiler was being interviewed. He told the interviewed that Tom left with someone he trusted the night of his murder and it is very likely that he was sexually abused.

In another news, Natalie is keeping mum on what happened between her and Dave. She also hasn’t taken the pregnancy test yet. Christy told Ben that she took Natalie’s laptop and phone until she starts talking. Right on cue, Detective Cornell showed up at their house to talk to Natalie to ask about where she was two nights before Tom’s murder when she was supposed to be babysitting Tom. Natalie said that she didn’t babysit Tom that night instead asked their neighbor Vanessa Richardson to watch over Tom. It was because she’s going to a concert with her boyfriend Cooper.

Ben then went to Vanessa and found her holding the stuffed bunny in Tom’s shrine. He confronted her about this. Vanessa told him that the bunny belongs to her son Malcolm who was taken too soon from them. Vanessa went to the kitchen to fix Ben a drink and Ben started snooping around. She came across a box of Malcolm’s stuff with pictures of him in it with bruises. Along with the pictures comes a report regarding child abuse so Ben whipped out his phone to take a photo of it.

There goes another potential suspect that Ben is determined to investigate. It was until he finds strong evidence and to clear his name. Joseph, Vanessa’s husband is a pediatrician and he wanted to look at the cut in Ben’s forehead so Ben went to him. Ben told Joseph that he knows about Malcolm. Joe told him that it was actually him who put the bunny in Tom’s shrine.

At home, Ben resorted to Google to learn more about the Richardson’s.. He found out that Joseph Rawlings worked in the UK as a pediatrician, but he got fired for sexual misconduct. He talked to a reported who covered their case and went to the sex crimes department to tell them what he knows. Of course, Cornell showed up and Ben asked her why she isn’t investigating the Richardsons. Cornell said that everybody lies even Natalie, his own daughter who really wasn’t at a concert two nights before Tom’s murder with Cooper but was actually with Dave.

Ben went to Dave right away. Dave said that it’s true because Cooper cancelled last minute so he took Natalie to the concert. He was freaking out, but Dave told him that nothing’s going on between him and Natalie.

The Richardsons invited Christy and Ben for dinner. At first Ben didn’t want to go. He asked Fenton to investigate about the Richardson’s case in the UK and suggested that he might find something in their house so Ben went to the dinner after all. During the dinner, he excused himself and snooped around but, of course, Joe caught him. Then, Ben started freaking out asking about what really happened to Malcolm and pointing fingers at him regarding Tom. Vanessa told him the real story about Malcolm that he had undiagnosed hemophilia, which explains the bruises and Joe were wrongly accused of abuse. Malcolm was removed from them and was put in a group home. He was beaten there, which is why they are keeping the photos to get Malcolm back, but they were too late.

The next day, Natalie finally took the pregnancy test. It was negative then Ben gave a speech about being a father to her. Ben went to Fenton’s house and he found out that Joe and Vanessa are actually half-siblings and Fenton wants to write an article about them in exchange for collecting information for Ben. Ben told him not to, but Fenton said he should give him an exclusive instead.

He went to the Richardson’s to warn them about the story but when he got there their house was deserted. They ran away.

Detective Cornell visited Ben again to ask him if he called Jess the night of Tom’s murder and if he knows someone named Sarah Jenkins. Ben said no and then Cornell let him listen to a voicemail he sent to a woman named Sarah Jenkins who share the same number as Jess’ saying “Jess, I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, I just wanna say I’m sorry.” Oops.

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