Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: The Son

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Secrets and Lies Season 1 Recap: The Son
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Ben is getting closer to the truth… or is he? In “Secrets and Lies” Season 1, Episode 8 “The Son” Ben has found valuable information to save himself as he recalls what happened the night of Tom’s murder.

After the video footage that Cornell showed him he went to see his lawyer and the lawyer told him that he has to figure things out because the video is a very strong evidence that can charge him with murder. So Ben has to do everything to recall whatever happened that night or he can’t testify.

His first stop was Jess’ house and when he got there, Jess’ sister was there and wanted to go when he arrived. Jess said there was something about her ex but Jess’ sister interrupted her and Jess shrugged it off instead. Ben got a call from Natalie who wanted to go home but Christy interrupted. Ben told her that he wants to see the girls but Christy doesn’t want to.

Dave came over carrying gifts for Ben, which includes the flashlight that he hid in the woods. He retrieved it before Christy could and the two headed to the spot and tossed the flashlight. After that Ben headed to Cristy’s brother’s house to see his kids, but it didn’t turn out well. Ben and Christy got into a fight with Christy calling him a murder suspect and using their daughters as his way to revenge.

Back home, Ben and Dave tried to recall the night of Tom’s murder. In flashback, it is shown that on the night of the murder, he and Christy got into an argument about Jess. Then Ben asked Dave why Christy would ask that and Dave said that during Thanksgiving he and Jess were all touchy-feely, which is why Christy asked that night.

Then Dave confessed that that night he slipped something in his drink because he was in such a bad shape that the alcohol wasn’t working. He didn’t have any bad intentions when he did this and then they recalled what happened that night. Dave said that Ben was just really drunk and he said that he was going home to fix things with Christy.

In order to confirm the accuracy of their story, Dave suggested that they head over to the bar. When they got there the lady that Ben was rude to that night told him that he was waving a picture of his son, which was an ultrasound of a baby that Christy aborted. Cornell talked to the people there and she thought that the photo was of Tom. Ben also remembered calling Jess to warn her that Christy might be onto her, which was the voicemail that Cornell played for him a few episodes back.

They left the bar and Ben remembered finding a tooth in his jacket, which was Tom’s. It all came back to him when he remembered going to Jess’ house to warn her about Christy and when he got there the door was unlocked and he found Jess sleeping on the couch. Tom came out and so Ben put him to bed and Tom said he lost his tooth. So Ben took the tooth and put money under his pillow, which explains the tooth in his jacket. After that, he went home and fell asleep on the couch.

Ben got a call from his lawyer who thinks that it was Christy who killed Tom. He told Ben that it was Christy who paid him and she plans to destroy Ben in divorce court. He then tried to look for clues at home. Ben stumbled upon a safe in the attic and he was shocked to see loads of cash in it.

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