‘Secrets and Wives’ Cori Goldfarb on Keeping Her Marriage Together

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Secrets and Wives’ Cori Goldfarb on Keeping Her Marriage Together
Secrets and Wives

Bravo’s “Secrets and Wives” Season 1 has just wrapped up and it was great. One of the Long Island women, Cori Goldfarb has always been admired by many fans on how she keeps her relationship successful amidst her reality TV series and her escalating fame.

According to News Day, Goldfarb is married to Sandy and a mother to four children. Aside from being a wife and a mother, she is also the owner of  a spa and skin care clinic named “Truth + Beauty” in Roslyn Heights. She said that when she took on “Secrets and Wives” it was really a business decision.

Fans are aware that Goldfarb’s marriage isn’t perfect. Do you remember the time in Season 1 when Cori and Sandy had to go to marriage counseling following Cori’s discovery of a text from another woman on Sandy’s phone? And of course, their 20th-anniversary party where Sandy refused to join her in a speech in front of their family and friends?

Yes, this “Secrets and Wives” couple has their ups and downs but what’s great about it is that they still stick together and try to work things out – whatever happens. Cori still manages to keep the fire burning between her and her husband. It may be because she loves him for who he is, flaws and all.

In fact, Cori recently complained about the show about Sandy’s beauty regimen.

“In the morning, Sandy takes longer to get ready than I even do. He puts on his eye cream. He has toner. He has serums. He has creams. He has gels. He lotions up his body. He has neck cream. I mean, it’s insane. He’s like a woman.” Goldfarb said.

You know that’s kind of cute even if this annoys Goldfarb. It annoys her in a cute kind of a way – somehow, a loving way. And we all can see how strong their marriage is in “Secrets and Wives.” After all they’ve been through, they are still here.

And as for that text, it looks like there is really nothing to worry about because this is what Cori said, “I still don’t know what that was about, but I did my own investigation.”

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