See How Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Celebrated the Last Filming Day of Outlander Season 3

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
See How Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Celebrated the Last Filming Day of Outlander Season 3
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The wait for the return of Claire and Jamie on the small screen will soon be over. Last weekend, Starz’s award-winning period drama, Outlander, has wrapped up filming Season 3. Here is how lead stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan celebrated.

Toast To A Job Well Done

It has been nearly 12 months since the second season finale aired on Starz. Fans are understandably eager to see the next chapter of the story of Claire, the combat nurse from 1945 who was unexpectedly whisked back in time. For the third season, the cast and crew went out of Scotland to film a few scenes in South Africa. On Friday, they finally wrapped up filming.

On Twitter, Balfe and co-star Heughan celebrated with a drink in hand and while standing in a hot tub. She wrote on the caption: “Beers a wrap ….. @SamHeughan @Outlander_STARZ#season3 #Voyager #Areyoureadyforthis????”

On his post, Heughan simply said, “Slainte! #wrap@Outlander_STARZ.”

Balfe also thanked the crew that worked in their South Africa and Scotland locations for a job well done.

Fans still have more or less three months until they see all new episodes of Outlander on television. The series based on a best-selling book by Diana Gabaldon will not return to Starz and Amazon Prime until fall this year.

In a previous interview, Balfe apologized to fans for the delay of Season 3. In an interview with ET, the actor said, “Yeah, [the Droughtlander] is a little longer than I think people thought. Sorry!”

She, however, promised that the agony of waiting for the next episode would be worth it. “I think this season is going to be really interesting and it’s going to be so new again,” the 37-year-old teased. “I mean, I think we do that every season; we sort of flip it on its head. Last season, we went to Paris and it was something totally different,”

This season, her character is heading to South Africa, but the new setting is not the only thing that fans should be excited about. The actor also shared that there is a separate story line for the lead characters.

Outlander Season 3 which is based on Gabaldon’s Voyager will begin with Claire and Jamie living in different times. However, Balfe assured that there will be a reunion, and it will be worth the wait.

No Jack And Rose Here

Will the said reunion somehow involve a hot tub and a couple of beer? Because of the photo posted by Heughan, some suspect that the scene might be inspired by the heart-breaking scenes of Titanic.

However, the actor immediately shut down the speculation. He insisted that the scene is not similar to Titanic at all, but it was like synchronized swimming at the Olympics.

Balfe added that she and Heughan even have matching frilly hats.

When actor Graham McTavish asked why they were standing in a pool inside a tent, Heughan teased that he has to wait for Season 3 to find out. He also joked that McTavish did not get his own pool in AMC’s Preacher where the latter plays the role of The Cowboy.

Outlander Season 3 will begin with the Battle of Culloden, according to Express. At the end of the second season, Claire found out that her lover Jamie has survived the battle between the Jacobite Highlanders and the British government forces in 1746. The next installment of the period drama will explore how the battle unfolded.

The series will pick up to after Claire has traveled back to 1948, pregnant with Jamie’s child and struggling to ease back into the married life with her first husband Frank (Tobia Menzies). As for Jamie, he will struggle with the aftermath of his last stand and from losing Claire.

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