See What Happens When Boys Were Asked to Slap a Girl [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
See What Happens When Boys Were Asked to Slap a Girl [WATCH VIDEO]
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Violation of human rights is one of the biggest issues the civil society is facing today, and violence against women (VAW) plays a major part of it. It was considered an issue of pandemic extent.

Human rights advocates have been working hard on formulating effective action plans to prevent VAW, and some took to social media to disseminate their campaigns. Most of these campaigns were successful, and an example is’s YouTube video, “Slap Her,” posted on Jan 4, 2015.

The Italy-based news company supported the campaign against violence by doing a social experiment on how young boys, from ages 7 to 11, would react if they were asked to hit or slap a girl. In the video, the boys were first asked some personal questions and were introduced to a girl, Martina. The boys were then asked what they like about Martina, and they gave pleasant answers. When they were asked them to slap or hit the girl, they hesitated and told the interviewer that they will not do it. The boys’ reactions were really wonderful. A boy wants to give her flowers and another one even said that he will not hit her because he is a man. Clearly, this shows that at a young age, they are fully aware of the negative effects of violence.

The video apparently stirred the emotions of millions of viewers because of its meaningful message.

Watch the video here:

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