Selena Gomez Applauds Justin Bieber’s ComebacK

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Selena Gomez Applauds Justin Bieber’s ComebacK
Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has applauded and congratulated her Ex boyfriend Justin Bieber’s comeback saying that she always saw it in him.

While talking to New York Times, Selena Gomez said that people always commented on her relationship with Justin Bieber and termed her stupid, “but this is what I always saw in him.”

With his recent, “what do you mean” release, Bieber has landed to number one position both in US and UK .The song is which is rumored to be about Gomez, the video had graffiti of the 23 year old ‘come and get it’ singer, which was noticed by fans .

The Baby singer is now working on his fourth album which will clash with One direction on November 15.

Not only Gomez, but Bieber too gave some hints that he still has attachments with Gomez.

On The Kyle & Jackie O show, Bieber admitted that he is still recovering from the pain he got after his breakup from Gomez. He’s not running away from relationship but it will take time to get into that state where he could easily accept anyone in his life. While Selena also has somewhat the same thought about Bieber, according to report of US magazine Gomez said that she does not know about dating but he will always be cherished as a friend.

Presently both Gomez and Bieber are facing criticism from the audiences. A very recent report said that JB made a fan girl cry behaving in a rude way and on other hand, Selena Gomez’s increased weight was the talk of the town.

Talking to New York Times she said, “I’m growing so it’s quite obvious to see the change. Earlier I was in a relationship, and was managed by my parents’ was under the roof of Hollywood and Disney. People have seen me like that and expect to be the same good girl.”

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