Selena Gomez Cheered Up with Surprise Visit from Jennifer Aniston at Rehab

By Manjira Basu | 1 year ago
Selena Gomez Cheered Up with Surprise Visit from Jennifer Aniston at Rehab

Selena Gomez fans must be very upset that the popstar has taken a break from her career due to depression. The singer had to cancel her Revival World Tour and move into a rehab outside Tennessee. But Gomez finally smiled after a long time, courtesy of a surprise visit from Jennifer Aniston.

Several reports had dragged Selena Gomez into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce case. Reports claimed that Jolie found pictures of several women on Pitt’s phone and Gomez was one of them.

Combining these defamatory rumors with the threat of her lupus disease, the songstress sank into depression. Hence, Jennifer’s sudden visit at this particular instance did take fans by surprise.

But the Inquisitor reported that Jennifer Aniston gave her a pleasant surprise. Gomez loved it. “She’s incredibly supportive of Selena. And knows she must be feeling awful, getting caught up in the Brangelina divorce drama,” a source revealed. “Seeing Jen was exactly what Selena needed. She’s so funny and sweet and she really cheered her up.”

Apparently, the young popstar and the Hollywood actress’ friendship go back way before her rumors with Pitt. They met at a party in 2014 and took a liking each other. Jennifer even got her a card that Gomez’s friends from L.A had signed. This cheered her up considerably.

Selena Gomez talked in an interview about liking Aniston’s company very much. She recollected going over to Aniston’s house and making pizzas with her. “She’s very cool and very sweet. She kind of gives me a lot of maternal advice,” Gomez said.

So, it does not appear as if Aniston paid her the visit to get into Brad Pitt’s good books. Aniston’s present husband Justin Theroux also made some remarks recently. According to Theroux, it was unfair for media to drag other celebs into a divorce. And acquainted with the entire situation, Aniston seems to have handled the situation quite well.

Few days after that, Selena Gomez showed up outside the rehab. She was smoking a cigarette and sipping a drink along with along with an attendant. The heartthrob singer seems to be well on her way to recovery which will relieve her fans. However, it is still uncertain when she will return to her music career.

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