Selena Gomez gets her party on with Justin Bieber

By admin | 4 years ago

It is well known that Selena Gomez has had a ‘don’t mess up’ approach with her beau, Justin Bieber. That is why it is expected of her to lay down the law when Bieber goes overboard with his partying.

However, recently it seems like Selena has given up on trying to mend Bieber’s ways and has decided to just goes with the flow. Reports coming in have stated that Selena has known about Justin’s parties and his this time decided to party along with him.

Justin Bieber
“She not only knows that Justin parties,” a source told exclusively, “but she has also done it with him on a few occasions. She is not innocent when it comes to this.”

Why could this be? Why the sudden change Selena?

Justin and Selena
Our guess is that Selena might simply be trying to loosen up with all the built in stress she accumulated during the time she and Biebs were having relationship troubles which also lead to her cancelling her Star Dance Tour. The star was reported to be under a lot of stress dealing with her break up and also suffering from Lupus.

Now that the two are a couple again (not officially, we’ve only drawn the conclusion based on the couples uploads to social networks) it looks like Selena might be trying a bit too hard to keep Justin satisfied this time around. Sources say that she simply loves the guy too much.

However, merely pointing out that she isn’t innocent for partying with her boyfriend would not be entirely accurate. Selena is with Justin and if she wants to party with her Boyfriend then so be it. It’s their time and we guess they want to make the most of it by partying together!

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