Selena Gomez goes out without bra, sporting a cutout shirt

By admin | 4 years ago

Selena Gomez has been again out in a spot where she might feel pressurized and forgetful. The star walked out into the city of L.A to run some errands. However, she wore something which would probably catch anyone’s eye. She sported a cute shirt which was cut out from the back. It had random, circular cut outs which revealed that she was not wearing a bra. We’re thinking that all that she has to currently deal with is making her a bit forgetful.

Selena Gomez
Why Selena decided to wear that particular shirt is unclear to us but she has told her fans constantly that she gets told every day that she isn’t hot, or she’s not sexy enough and has been getting suggestions that if she changes so and so stuff/choices then maybe she might pull it off.

Selena Gomez
However, the brave star reminded her fans that looking hot and sexy isn’t all there is and that they should stick to what they want. The singer urged the fact that the thing that is the hottest is ‘class’. And we have to admit she does most of the times look classy as sh—t.

‘I get it all day, every day, that I’m not sexy enough, or I’m not cool enough, or if I did this I would be accepted. Let me tell you one thing: the sexiest thing . . . is class. I promise you that each and every one of you is made to be who you are. That is what’s so attractive and beautiful. Please don’t forget that, even when it gets hard.’

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