Selena Gomez leans on Demi Lovato in her battle with Lupus

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Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have known eachother for a really long time now. Both of them being young Disney stars in the beginning have a deep friendship and bond with each other. However, as both of the stars hit it big in the Hollywood industry they still had each other’s back.

Currently Demi is helping out Selena with her battle with Lupus, a disease that Selena has had for a long period now. Both stars were spotted at a Café which is named after the drink, Tequila.

Daniel Rizo, a fan, who took their picture at the Café as his sister waited on Selena and Demi, posted the picture up on the web. Both of them looked really cute together and seemed NOT to be indulging in Tequila or any other alcohols for that matter.

It’s no secret that Selena has been going through a rough time, especially during the end of the previous year, 2013 as she cancelled her Star Dance Tour to spend some time with her family and try to heal herself as she was also going through a break up with, pop star, Justin Bieber.

However, the news about the couple’s break up is now long and gone as both Selena and Bieber were very recently spotted together, Segway-ing, their way across Biebs’ town, Calabasas, California. You can read all about Bieber and Selena and their patch up over here.

Source: HollywoodLife

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