Selena Gomez To Make Fun Of Justin Bieber Urged By Amy Schumer?

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Selena Gomez To Make Fun Of Justin Bieber Urged By Amy Schumer?
Selena Gomez

The hilarious performance of comedienne Amy Schumer in her new summer blockbuster “Trainwreck,” not only gave her huge success, but also has quickly made her one of Hollywood’s hottest commodities. And of late everyone desires to work with her – so does Selena Gomez.

In a radio interview session on July 21, with “TheTJ Show” on Boston’s popular 103.3 AMP Radio, the 23 years old “Good for You” pop sensation Selena Gomez revealed that she plans  to “finagle” her way onto funny girl’s hit Comedy Central show, “Inside Amy Schumer.” She says she is a huge fan of Amy and thinks she is amazing!

But would Amy Schumer invite Selena to guest star in her comedy show?

Well maybe, she would only if Selena agrees to poke fun at her ex.

“Everyone wants to work with Amy right now so Selena would definitely have to get in line. But Amy would consider it,” an alleged insider tells “One thing that would need to happen is Selena would definitely have to make fun of Justin Bieber to be a part of the show,” said the source.

Now the question that comes up is whether former Nickelodeon princess will do anything to entertain Schumer?

Keeping in mind her relationship with 21-year-old Bieber isn’t totally over, maybe she will not. In fact, the Biebs surprised Gomez with a sweet birthday gift on July 22.

“Justin serenaded Happy Birthday to Selena from his studio on FaceTime. He started the conversation by holding out one red rose and pretended to give it to Selena through the screen. He knows Selena loves rose,” an insider revealed

So do you think she should make fun of him just for a guest spot on Amy’s show? Well, stay-tuned for more updates!

Photo Source – Facebook/Selena Gomez

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