Selena Gomez previews new pic of Thanksgiving Day NFL Performance in Texas

By admin | 4 years ago

It’s a damn good day to be an America. Why? Well, first off the holiday season is just around the corner with the delights of thanksgiving and the hustle and bustle of Christmas all about. On top of that the football weekend is coming up. Can it really get any better than that? Since Selena Gomez will be performing at the half time show we think it could possibly get better!

The Hollywood pop star has recently uploaded a photo to Instagram of her rehearsal for the half time show. In the picture we see Selena on the right sitting in the field and ahead of her is the stage in half the atmosphere it will be on game day as some smoke flows on the side.

The halftime show is sponsored by Salvation Army, which aims to raise awareness of its new Red Kettle Campaign. Selena has been an avid supporter of the Salvation Army for years.

Don’t forget to catch the game and Selena as Kickoff time is 4.30PM EST.

Source: HollywoodLife

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