Selena Gomez Is The Reason Why Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz Broke Up!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Selena Gomez Is The Reason Why Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz Broke Up!
Selena Gomez

Reports are claiming that Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz are finally over. Was it a short-lived romance and the reason for their breakup? It looks like Victoria and David Beckham’s son is smitten with another celebrity. Read on.

Apparently, Gomez has something to do with the breakup. It is reported that Beckham is head over heels with her, which drove Moretz mad. The 16-year-old actor has a major crush on Gomez and Moretz didn’t appreciate this, which led to him breaking up with Beckham.

According to a source who spoke with OK! Magazine, Beckham was smitten with the “Good For You” singer even during his relationship with Moretz. On the other hand, Gomez seems aware of the fact that he is trying to date her and she appreciates it, but she’s not really interested in getting romantically involved with Beckham. It is said that the 23-year-old singer/actress is still hooked on Justin Bieber.

At the same time, Gomez doesn’t think that she and Beckham would work out. She does think that he’s really sweet, but he’s just too young for her. However, she doesn’t let go of the idea that maybe someday she might just give it a shot with David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son.

Meanwhile, Gomez and Beckham were spotted together at the Polo Ralph Lauren fashion show during the Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week at Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel. The two even posed for the camera during the fashion as reported by E! News.

Chloe Moretz hasn’t spoken up about the breakup yet, neither Brooklyn Beckham. While Selena Gomez keeps mum on this issue as she is being dragged away by another rehab issue that we reported here.

Photo source: Facebook/Selena Gomez


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