Selena Gomez Rides Camel With Mystery Guy

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Selena Gomez Rides Camel With Mystery Guy
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Jennifer | Selena Gomez-Alex, 27 April 2007.

Selena Gomez made headlines late last year as she was trying to get over her ex Justin Bieber. After a trip to Dubai for New Year’s Eve with her friends, it looks like Gomez may have met a new man in her life. Or has she?

Just recently, Gomez gave her broken heart a break by spending New Year’s Eve with friends in beautiful Dubai. Taking to Twitter, the 22-year-old singer described herself as the “luckiest girl in the world.”

Why does she think so? Well, her Dubai trip wasn’t just filled with girl bonding. As a matter of fact, Gomez showed off her singleness by meeting a number of hot guys. Based on the photos she shared on her social media accounts, Gomez spent her Dubai holiday with a number of friends, both male and female.

On one of these photos, Gomez sits on top of a camel saddle as she wears an all-black lace covering from head-to-toe. Sitting behind her is a hot guy with a peace sign on his fingers. Just like Gomez, this mystery guy wears an all-black ensemble as he grins to the camera. Ah! Such a romantic night to go on a moonlit stroll through the desert with a mystery “hot” guy behind you Selena.

While the identity of this hottie remains a mystery, it looks like Gomez was surely having fun with him. So are they dating?

Even with this question lingering on people’s minds, it is important to know that he was not the only guy linked to Gomez while she was in Dubai. As a matter of fact, Gomez was spotted with Harith Bukhash in numerous occasions. Bukhash is a businessman from talent agency Bukhash Brothers, which helped Gomez and company in planning their trip.

A source close to Gomez, however, set the record straight with by saying that Bukhash had some qualities in common with Gomez’ ex-boyfriend who would “hook up with her in a heartbeat because he sees himself as a player that gets who he wants, when he wants.” Instead, the two are really great friends.

With Bukhash crossed out of the list, who is this mystery man that Gomez rode with on a camel?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Jennifer

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