Selena Gomez still struggling after break up with Justin Bieber

By admin | 4 years ago

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber hit it off almost two years back and were in for a turbulent relationship for two years which eventually led to a sad and struggling break up between the celebrity couple. Selena has recently expressed about how she still feels about the split between them.

First of all, you have to hand it to Selena who has been delivering quality entertainment for the past two years during her relationship with Justin and also after her break up. Given her work and also knowing what the pop star was going through and is still going through. This is a tough girl right here.

According to an inside source, we got to know just how bad it hit her. The source explains that things have come to the point that her reps either suggested to stay put with her family or go for some therapy. Gladly and rightfully Selena and her reps decided that it would be best for her to spend some time with her family.

Selena is currently spending some healing time with her friend, Taylor Swift who had warned Selena earlier to stay away from Justin Bieber.

Recently the star has also put a lid on her Star Dance tour which was going to be held in Australia, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines. Hmm, makes sense, with the holiday season here one can only think of some quality time with themselves, their families and putting their troubles behind them and just heal themselves. We guess Selena really needed that, a brake from all the hassle.

As for Biebs, well, her just let a really great girl slip through his fingers. Although there was news that Bieber had written a song to try to patch things up with his ex. I believe the song is called, Roller Coaster, in which he describes that the relationship always had extremes and no middle as just like a roller coaster ride.
Source: nzHerald

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