Selena Gomez Throws Her Purse At Airport After Fight With Justin Bieber

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Selena Gomez Throws Her Purse At Airport After Fight With Justin Bieber
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When you are a celebrity of the fame like that of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, your every move is caught on camera. Unfortunately, during a heated conversation, Gomez and Bieber forgot this fact and their big fight was captured as they were boarding a plane at Princess Juliana International Airport to go to Paris.

According to, this is one side of Selena Gomez which never came to the limelight before. Ahead of a romantic vacation, Bieber was preparing to get on a plane with his on and off girlfriend Gomez when the fight erupted. The adventure and fun they had planned quickly went down the drain as Gomez threw her purse away and stormed the airport.

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We all are aware of the fact that the two have got together and broken up many a times before but this is the first time we saw it happening. Selena steps out of the car first and she started walking towards the airport and as she was about to enter she threw her bag away.

There is no second thought in claiming that she was looking stunning as she always does, wearing a white tee, black pants, heels and a lovely green hat.

Bieber was seated in the car for some time, and as we can make out, made Gomez even angrier. Now, as he walked up to her, she was conversing with one of her fan. The two, however, walked into the flight together. Now, we hope that this is the end of their fight and they spend their vacation happily together.

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According to, it was a mistake that their fight came to an end there as there was more argument after this episode. Justin Bieber was later seen partying all night long with Kendall Jenner and not with Selena Gomez as normally we expected.

Photo Source: Facebook/Selena Gomez

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