Selena Gomez wraps up the final leg of her tour at the Auburn Hills palace

By admin | 4 years ago

Selena Gomez finally wraps up her show with the North American leg of her tour. She wraps up her act at the palace of the Auburn Hills on Tuesday night. The long, 33 show, 6 week tour finally came to an end with the poppy Palace finale.

The audience of the show was filled with teens and pre-teens. The show she put on tells us that she is not far from her Disney roots as the star is still conscious of her image and keeps check about what product to throw out to the audience. That’s one of the reasons many parents all round feel safe to take their children to her concerts. Though there was a suggestive moment which also hints that Gomez is also trying to bloom out of her Disney persona and that is seen with her works in ‘Spring Breakers’ which is pretty safe to say that most of the audience had not seen it.

While Gomez might not be one of the best celebrities out there or one of the shockers of Hollywood like Miley Cyrus (these days) and Britney Spears (in her days) but she is certainly one of the most approachable and she uses that to her advantage. This approachability of the star makes it easier for the fans to relate to her as well.

Source: The Detroit News

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