Selena Gomez’s New Song ‘Same Old Love:’ Is The Emotionally-Charged Video About Justin Bieber?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago

Is “Same Old Love,” the new single of Selena Gomez, about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber? Read the full article if you are curious to know the answer.

Selena Gomez’s emotionally-charged video “Same Old Love” that was released on September 22, seems to be better beyond our expectations, reported

The lyrics “you left in peace, left me in pieces,” would definitely leave fans with the thought that it is related to her on-again and off-again relationship with ex-love Bieber. Indeed, both the emotional images and the lyrics reveal that the 21-year-old Bieber was the inspiration for the breakup song.

One of the lyrics in the song also means that she is sick of her old love and that it tears her up. It seems that the pair cannot quit each other even though Selena claims that she is single.

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However, in an interview with Radio Disney that would air next month, Selena Gomez revealed that the inspiration behind the lyrics of her new single “Same Old Love” is about a “different kind of love.” She added that it is about her first love – “the love with parents.” She further said that the first people we love in our life are our parents.

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Last November, Gomez performed her song “The Heart Wants What It Wants” as a dedication to Bieber and gave her final goodbye to her ex-boyfriend, reported CHRISTIANITY DAILY. The singer burst into tears during the emotional performance.

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What do you think? Is “Same Old Love” about Justin Bieber, or is it related to parents’ love as said by Selena Gomez?

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