Selfie Season 1 Recap: Nugget of Wisdom

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Selfie Season 1 Recap: Nugget of Wisdom
Karen Gillan at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. Date 24 July 2011, 11:40 Source Karen Gillan Uploaded by maybeMaybeMaybe Author Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

Eliza and Henry chose to spend their weekends differently in the episode 4 “Nugget of Wisdom” of “Selfie” Season 1. How did their weekend go? Read on for the full recap.

It’s the weekend and Eliza and Henry have plans, well, for Eliza, though. She plans to go out and party so she could get more likes on her social media account especially that there’s an ongoing competition with her friend Britt. Eliza is winning, though but Britt is certainly catching up and she just can’t lose. As for Henry, he plans to stay in and have a salad.

Henry told Eliza that she should do something different for a change this weekend. He suggested that maybe she can try helping other people instead of uploading her outfits and selfies on Instagram. Eliza, who’s definitely up for the challenge agreed but in one condition: Henry should enjoy this weekend.

He doesn’t really plan on pursuing it especially when he received bad news from his coworker that the kids’ vitamins that he helped launch isn’t doing good anymore in the market. He knows he has to start working on rebranding it because of the new vitamins that are like gummy candies that the kids seem to love. 

As for Eliza, she is really determined to prove Henry that she can do a good deed on a weekend. So, she started by volunteering to help their receptionis, Charmonique for her 20th high school reunion and she’s also so excited to see her high school love. She went to her apartment and she met her son, Kevin as well as the room full of wigs that cost over $60,000 each. Charmonique told Eliza that she wants to look different, but Eliza told her not to overdo it because she still wants to be recognized by her high school friends.

One surprising thing about this episode is when they pulled a Renee Zellweger reference to thinking that this episode was written a few weeks before Renee’s made her debut in public with her new look. Eliza referred to Renee as looking good, but people can’t tell that it’s her anymore. They were trying on wigs when Charmonique got a text from her babysitter that she can’t make it, which means that Eliza was left with no choice but to babysit Kevin.

One good deed turns to another good deed and Eliza and Kevin were left alone in the house. They started playing with the wigs and throwing a party in the wigs room so she can upload photos of herself “partying” and she also sent a snapchat to Henry. Henry immediately went to Eliza thinking that she didn’t do what they agreed on until he got there and saw the wigs room. Henry was pretty pleased with Eliza and what she’s done.

It’s time to put Kevin to bed, but he doesn’t want to. They got a call from Charmonique and she told her to give him chicken nuggets. It was a lightbulb moment because Henry and Eliza thought of the perfect way to rebrand the kids vitamins that they’re selling. They will change the flavor of the vitamins but not so delicious like the ones from their competitors so the kids will not be addicted to it and to avoid overdose. They brought the idea to the president and he was thrilled with their plan and he even thought Henry and Eliza are a couple.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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