Senate Race in Maine, Full of Intrigue

By admin | 6 years ago

Maine is the place to be in the summer with its beautiful lighthouses, fishing boats and famous lobsters. You usually will not expect to see a great deal of political activity taking place. This year however is a different story.

Voters in Maine last year were not considering there would be an open Senate race to worry about this November. Olympia Snowe has been a Senator for the state since 1995 and in February made the announcement she was retiring. Her announcement sent shock waves through the state and Washington.  Her retirement looked like a big help to Democrats.

As the election draws closer, the front-runner is neither a Democrat nor Republican. Angus King, the former Governor of Maine is a registered independent. King has been accused by the National Republican Senatorial Committee of agreeing behind closed doors to a deal with the Democrats to keep the strongest of his candidates out of the Senate race in exchange for him caucusing with the party if he gets elected in November.

Those charges have been denied by King. He is well known, popular and very wealthy, but his recent candidacy has left a number of people confused because he has for the most part made his bid for the Senate a referendum on bipartisan spirit and compromise.

Snowe announced that the biggest reason she was retiring was she was tired of partisan politics. King said that is why he is running. He wants to be bipartisan and please both sides as long as he believes in the issue at hand. He believes the country’s biggest problem is that Washington is not functioning correctly due to gridlock and partisan politics.


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