Senator wants Answers on why Suspect was not questioned

By admin | 5 years ago

On Monday, Senator Chuck Schumer from New York said he would question why an interview was not performed by the FBI with the older brother suspected in the bombings at the end of the Boston Marathon, when he came back to the U.S. six months ago from Russia.

Schumer said the FBI has been very good in doing their job, and until Boston, it was not an accident that no successful terrorist events had taken place in the U.S. Schumer added that the FBI was good at tracking and listening, but something has happened that needs to be figured out.

Schumer plans to pursue an answer to his questions, as a member of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, which oversees the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Paul Bresson a spokesman for the FBI said it had briefed Congress and would continue to brief Washington lawmakers as is necessary.

In 2011, authorities in Russia recorded a telephone conversation between Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his mother in which he discussed vaguely jihad with her.

Another conversation was recorded of his mother talking to a person in southern Russia who was being investigated by the FBI on an unrelated matter said FBI officials.

Either of the two conversations, if the FBI had known, could have been sufficient to start a thorough investigation of the whole Tsarnaev family. However, authorities in Russia told the FBI just the concerns they had that Tamerlan as well as his mother were extremists. Because the FBI did not receive any other information, a limited inquiry was completed and the case was closed in the middle of 2011.

Peter King a Republican from New York said a complete investigation by the FBI would have been done if Russia had told the FBI about the pair’s radicalization.

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