‘Sense8’ Cast Alfonso Herrera Talks Chemistry With On-Screen Lover Miguel Silvestre

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Sense8’ Cast Alfonso Herrera Talks Chemistry With On-Screen Lover Miguel Silvestre

“Sense8”, a Netflix original by the Wachowskis and J.Michael Straczynski has everyone thinking that this is something that can change the way people look at TV. The show that has amassed a massive following during its run is known for its characters and how their stories and lives end up getting intertwined. Within the series if there is anyone who has been proven as a breakout star then Miguel Angel Silvestre’s name comes in mind. Alfonso Herrera is the other star whose name strikes many when it comes to performance. They portray the role of Lito and Hernando respectively in the series. The two stars on-screen chemistry has been a major highlight in the series and has proven to become the emotional element in it.

According to Out, Alfonso Herrera spoke about his on-screen chemistry with co-star Miguel as to how do they bring out such wonderful performances on screen despite being straight. Alfonso spoke about great dynamics despite the long distance, since most of his conversations and developments with Miguel happen over the phone since Miguel who plays one of the Sensate flew around the world to shoot scenes in Korea and Germany. Alfonso stated that he would be in contact with Miguel via Skype or WhatsApp so that they could talk about their characters, their scenes and as to what would their approach be to show the relationship between the two characters.

After all this, Alfonso said that the outcome was very nice. About the sex scenes that the two characters have in the series, Alfonso says that you have to let go of your ego and since the scenes were aesthetically shot, it looked beautiful. After all the practise and meticulousness, the motive was to show that the characters were in love.

Alfonso before concluding also stated that he believes everyone is connected no matter what the color of your skin is or what your sexual preference is or what religion you follow. He is happy that he is a part of the show that has revolutionized the way people watch television these days. We can all hope to watch more “Sense8” once Netflix officially announces its renewal.

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Photo source: Facebook/Miguel Angel Silvestre

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