‘Sense8’ Details Unknown; Wachowskis Plan To Move Between Formats

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Sense8’ Details Unknown; Wachowskis Plan To Move Between Formats

Netflix has not yet announced its plans about a potential second season for “Sense8” but that has not stopped the creators from being involved in other projects. As co-creator J.Michael Straczynski remains hopeful about show’s renewal, Andy and Lana Wachowski continue to explore other options out there. Read on.

According to Deadline, in the wake of “Jupiter Ascending” and “Cloud Atlas” performing below expectations and with audiences praising “Sense8,” the Wachowskis were asked if they have moved to the TV world from the magnanimous feature filmmaking world. It was said that the response came from a long time associate who has had a working relationship with them.

“Sense8” executive producer Grant Hill responded by saying that in the really long working relationship that he has had with the Wachowskis, they are known for going back and forth id various formats. He said that it since the two believed in “bringing something dramatic and exciting to their stories. It’s a part of their process as they continue to explore boundaries.”

When asked about the “Sense8” season two renewal, Straczynski stated that they are still waiting for a final word from Netflix who haven’t yet determined about what they plan to do with the series.

However contrary to earlier reports, Straczynski mentioned that there was no five-year plan for the show.

“Heck, No! But we’re a long game kind of people. For ourselves, for the writing, we have to figure out where all this pays off. Season 1 is obviously about origins.”  Straczynski said.

The first season of “Sense8” has received tremendous support from fans everywhere. The story revolves around 8 people who are born on the same day and somehow get connected to each other. Netflix representatives have given a positive feedback about the show to Straczynski and till the time Netflix decides what they intend to do with the show; fans continue to watch the entire first season multiple times which only shows how popular the series is amongst loyal fans.

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