‘Sense8’ Renewal To Be Announced This Week. Creator Will Reveal Details.

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Sense8’ Renewal To Be Announced This Week. Creator Will Reveal Details.

This has to be the longest wait for any show! “Sense8,” the current most popular show among audiences has been in the discussions waiting to know if its going to continue its glory on the internet streaming giant or whether it is going to face the heat and get dropped. Looking at the public response, the latter option does not really fit in because a campaign to renew the show has been going on so strong that rumors are already hinting towards the fact that the show is going to get a green light really soon. Co-creator J.Michael Straczynski could not be happier.

According to Realty Today, with co-creator J.Michael Straczynski showing so much confidence about the show getting renewed, chances are Netflix will be announcing their decision about the show this week itself. Last reports on the issue stated that J.Michael Straczynski will be informed about the decision in about two weeks and what was good about the news is the fact that representatives from Netflix itself informed him of the show’s spectacular performance and popularity amongst the masses. Ever since the news has come out, it seems people have been more then worried about the show being cancelled and have been watching the first season multiple times. The show deals with eight completely different people around the world and how they get connected to each other forms the rest of the story. J.Michael Straczynski had also earlier revealed that ever since he started working on “Sense8”, he’s always had the story planned for years.

He specifically mentioned that he loves five year arcs and has a five year thing planned out for the series. It is also being reported that he along with Lana Wachowski have already prepared 30 pages of notes regarding the second season that they can look at as soon as the show gets renewed for a new season. An official announcement about the show is expected soon. Watch this space for more.

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Photo source: Facebook/J.Michael Straczynski

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