‘Sense8’ Season 2: Mysterious Character Rajan Will Have Some ‘Shades of Grey’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Sense8’ Season 2: Mysterious Character Rajan Will Have Some ‘Shades of Grey’

‘Sense8’ co-creators, The Wachowskis and J.Michael Straczynski, surely know how to keep something under wraps. Firstly, fans stayed anxious when they were not sure about the fate of the show and whether it was going to get renewed for a second season or not. Now when the second season is happening, they are anxious about what they can expect from it. Amongst all of this, Purab Kohli, one of the actors from the show shared some details about what he expects from the second season of the show.

According to News Everyday, Purab Kohli, who plays the role of Rajan in the Netflix series, spoke about what he would like to see his character doing in this season. The actor mentioned about how much he agrees with fans of the show who believe that Rajan is too perfect. As Kala’s fiancé Rajan is known to be a very sweet and understanding man who is madly in love with Kala. He remains the same even when his father gets stabbed at the temple. The actor said that love is a strange thing and that is one emotion Rajan has a lot for Kala. Despite his beliefs about his character being highly suspicious, Purab does not know what exactly is planned for his character in the upcoming season of the show.

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Christian Today added the actor’s quote about not reading the script for the second season yet. The media outlet also mentioned that when the actor asked Lana Wachowski about what she and the co-creators have in store for his character, she just responded with a smile and some hand gestures revealing nothing. Even after all of this, he hopes that his character will have some shades of grey because his father too was holding lot of secrets that were unraveled all through the first season.

Maybe Rajan is not who he claims to be on the show. What if he turns out to be the most mysterious character there is? As of now Purab is looking forward to reading the script just so that he can get an idea about which way is his relationship with fiancé Kala is going. All of this will surely be revealed when “Sense8” season two officially goes on air.

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