‘Sense8’ Season 2: Netflix Series Renewal confirmed for 5 More Seasons?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Sense8’ Season 2: Netflix Series Renewal confirmed for 5 More Seasons?

“Sense8” the science fiction drama created by Andy & Lana Wachowski along with J.Michael Straczynski that ran on Netflix caught the attention of many viewers online. The story revolved around 8 individuals around the world often referred to as Sensates (because of their rebirths), who were born on the same day on August 8th and connected by one common factor. This connection between them gave them the ability to understand each other’s language, gain each other’s knowledge and skills. Recently reports have started coming in if there will be a possible season 2 or not?

According to Venture Capital Post, there has been no official confirmation from Netflix if the series will be renewed for another season or not. Critics were not really fond of it and many gave the series negative reviews but despite that the series was able to strike a chord with the audiences who loved it. This resulted in viewers giving the show positive feedback and giving rise to speculations about the plot of season 2. Even though the season finale of the first season left both critics and fans divided because of their opinion about the show, fans online have already started to speculate about what could the next season in the series deal with? The media outlet that quoted a report from the Vine Report spoke about a forum found on Reddit where fans have been stating that the plot of “Sense8” season 2 will be focussing on the antagonist known as Whispers and as to why he is the person who wants to hunt down the sensate.

Critics however maintain their concern about the speculations regarding renewal of the series since Rotten Tomatoes gave the series a rating of only 68% apart from scoring 5.8 rating per critic for the first season. However co-creator of the series J.Michael Straczynski revealed that they already have a five year arc planned for the season and it was upto Netflix if they want the series to have 5 seasons or not.

If viewers have loved the show so much, then most probably the series will be renewed for a couple more seasons because ultimately they are the ones who matter. Let’s not forget it was because of the same passionate fan base that “Deadpool” was brought back to life on silver screen.

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