‘Sense8’ Season Two Finally Ordered By Netflix!

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Sense8’ Season Two Finally Ordered By Netflix!

Fans rejoice! Netflix has finally ordered “Sense8” for season 2. After weeks of rumors and speculations about the future of the show, no one was sure as to why exactly Netflix was taking so long to make a decision on the next season. Fans were also quite disappointed at the TCA Press Tour when creators of the series did not have an answer regarding series renewal. All of that is in the past now as the new season is surely expected to take fans through yet another thrilling ride.

According to Screen Crush, the next season in the series will premiere next year and cast of the show was more than excited to share the news about the series’ renewal. The show’s twitter account posted a video where the cast was seen wishing their characters happy birthday and later cutting the cake only to confirm that the second season will be coming soon.

Slash Film reported that the news about the show’s renewal came on August 8th, which coincided with each of the character’s birthday on the show. The characters are called Sensates who were born on the same day and are somehow emotionally and mentally connected to each other. In addition to that, they can sense, communicate and use each other’s knowledge and abilities like language and skills as they seek answers to their mysterious power. The cast was especially overwhelmed at the announcement and made it a point to share the news with the humongous fan base on Twitter. Apart from that, first season of the show is already available on Netflix and has been since watched multiple times. Representatives of the Internet streaming giant at the time had observed the response and informed co-creator of the series J.Michael Straczynski about it. They were reportedly sure that the series would be renewed for another season.

As far as fans are concerned, with the excitement and happiness that everyone is feeling, they surely won’t mind waiting for the second season to premiere.

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Photo source: Facebook/Sense8

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