Sense8 Spoilers: We Are All Connected

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Sense8 Spoilers: We Are All Connected
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In anticipation of one of the summer’s most anticipated shows, Spoiler TV has released two more additional promotional videos which explains and shows how exactly the world of the new series “Sense8”, which hailed from the minds of “The Matrix” creators Lana and Andy Wachowski, and J. Michael Straczynski, works. Read on to learn more about this exciting new series, which will premiere on Friday, June 5, 2015 on Netflix.

In the first promotional video posted on Spoiler TV, the character portrayed by Naveen Andrews explained that beginning at that very moment, the person he was talking to was no longe ”just you”. At that moment, all of the seven heard someone cracking a safe, as they could now hear everything that other hears, and they also saw what the others saw- a man washing his face was seen in the mirror of a woman washing her face; and Doona Bae experienced that she was on a bridge, when she was in a prison cell, as they can also “sense what the others sense”.

Naveen Andrews went on to explain that they had a fighting chance as of the moment, as they could access the language and skills of the others, and that the others who were like them before were all killed. He then warned them that they would be hunted, and Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton) told her friend that they would have to make them stop hunting them down, while Doona Bae’s friend warned her of the dangers that would occur once it was found what she now was.

Parts of the clip also showed how two of the “sensates” confessing that they had some feelings for each other, and another one mentioned that “something beautiful” is beginning.

The other clip showed Andrews finding Nomi in a hospital room. It was then shown that she and the other sensates were wondering if they were losing their minds as they could hear, sense and experience things “without any reason”. However, he assured her that her mind was just expanding.

To illustrate this, the police officer in America began to speak in Korean, and another man, who was going to get beaten up by another man, somehow accessed Doona Bae’s fighting skills. However, it was shown as if Doona Bae were with him in Nairobi at that moment, when she wasn’t.

Another scenario that was shown like that, was a scene in which one of the sensates, a woman with long blonde hair was cornered by some men with guns. Then all of a sudden, the American police officer, instructed her on what to do next, and Doona Bae appeared, and it seemed as if she was the one fighting for the woman, while she was in Seoul.

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Catch the entire first season of “Sense8” on Netflix on June 5, 2015.

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