‘Sense8’ Star Jamie Clayton: Few Things To Know About Her

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
‘Sense8’ Star Jamie Clayton: Few Things To Know About Her
Jamie Clayton in Sense8

Jamie Clayton is one of the biggest attention-grabbing stars of the new Netflix sci-fi series “Sense8” It would be nice to know few things about the star. We have gathered few points to help you know her better.

According to Fashion & Style, 12 episodes of “Sense8” have premiered on June 5. In fact, the Wachowskis’ series has gained appreciation demanding for a second season.

In the show, Clayton plays the role of Nomi who is a “sweet and sensitive San Francisco hacktivist.” The story involves Nomi trying to find out why she “suddenly has seven new voices in her head.” Nomi gets the help of her girlfriend to escape from an evil doctor when she involves in this research. In fact, Jamie has done an incredible performance.

Do you want to know who Jamie Clayton is? We have gathered little information about her based on Fashion & Style reports:

  1. The transgender actress said to Collider, “To be able to be on a set with someone who is trans, who is directing me, who had written this part of a trans character was a dream come true,” about her transgender character Nomi and transgender director Lana Wachowski of “Sense8.”
  2. Jamie’s first appeared as a stylist on “TRANSform Me,” the 2010 VH1 makeover series. Hope, if you have watched the show, you would remember that in this series a cis woman would be madeover by a team of three trans women stylists.
  3. Clayton also made her appearances on few other television series such as “Are We There Yet?” “Hung,” “Hustling,” and “Dirty Work.”
  4. On 19th March 2011, Jamie Clayton and Laverne Cox attended the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The New York Marriott Marquis that was held in New York City.
  5. The American actress/ model is not bothered about the gifs of the “Sense8” memorable psychic orgy scene that appeared online.
  6. Jamie is active on both Twitter as well as Instagram. “#YouDontEvenNomi,” seems to be her fan favorite hashtag.
  7. OUT magazine reported that Jeremy Scott loves Clayton.
  8. The 37-year-old actress would appear in the 2016 film “The Neon Demon.”

Well, by now you would have came to know few interesting things about Jamie Clayton.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Jamie Clayton

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